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[story] Shower

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This is a little scene I wrote at the beginning of Chapter 3. It doesn't really fit, and it kind of moves the story faster than I want it to. Since I'm not sure when or if I'm going to be able to put it back in, I figured that I would just throw it up. you can probably blame this on too much Girls Bravo and GGTV.





Six AM. Steam poured out of the bathroom. Glitch was taking a shower.


"Cleanliness is close to godliness,"


Though his thought processes did not follow that particular logic, he always found it best to get cleaned right after getting up. He didn't particularly enjoy getting up very early, but it was one of those things he did to benefit Sara. His sister, remarkably enough, was not an early bird. A trait they shared as siblings, it seemed. He would shower early so she could shower when she got up.


Glitch was partial to naps anyway.


As he laboriously cleaned the mass of purple hair that grew from his head, he didn't hear the door to the bathroom creak open. It was not locked; actually, it was cracked a bit to let the steam out. It would help heat the house and keep the walls and ceiling in the bathroom from getting wet and moldy. Under the falling water, Glitch didn't hear the pitter patter of feet across the tiled floor. Singing softly to himself, it was only at the last second that he realized that the curtain was being pulled open.


"Oh little broooother..."


Sara's grinning face appeared through the steam.


"Jesus Christ, Sara, what the hell are you doing?" Glitch jumped backwards into the wall, his bare skin slapping loudly thanks to the water.


Sara laughed into her hand.


"Come on! Lets take a shower together!"


Glitch stared at her face incredulously, willing himself not to look anywhere else.


"W-w-w-what are you talking about?! We-- I mean, you! What?!"


"Come on, don't be such a prude! I'm wearing a bathing suit."


Glitch finally let his gaze drift lower, still wary of a flesh colored trap. Lo and behold, she was wearing a bikini. It wasn't a very conservative piece, but it was a far cry from nude twin he had feared.


Sara jumped in and closed the curtain.


"See? it's fine!"


Glitch almost nodded before bursting out,


"But I'm not wearing a bathing suit!"


Sara chuckled.


"No, that is quite obvious..."


Like the prey of some stalking animal, Glitch dropped to his bottom, and got into as tight a ball as he could manage.


"This... this is a nightmare. I should have kept sleeping..."


"Come one, little bro, I'll wash your back!"




Later, in his room, thoroughly cleaned by his sister, he laid in his bed, staring at the ceiling.


"Is it right to be here having fun?"


Red prodded at the edge of his vision.


"I know what they're going to do."


He was hiding. He was hiding from the world. He was hiding from his purpose, his reason for being. He was hiding from his multiple destinies.


"They're going to start a war."


He curled up on his side. From the doorway, his sister watched him.


"I've already done too much. I can't do any more. I wont help them, but I can't stop them either."


Her fists tightened. She understood. He should just talk to me...!


"I killed him..."

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