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Build your perfect woman

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Or man, if you are a woman or a gay. That's right, a gay.


We had a similar discussion way back when in Outside, but it was totally unrelated to the topic at hand and has since been purged, so I figured I would bring about a revival.


Anyhow, here's mine. Feel free to rip off my format or make your own, whatever floats your boat.


Hair: Very long, or very short. Not buzz cut short, but cute short. Middle of the road stuff is lame and boring. Oh snap! I've always been partial to black hair, but I think I'll make a departure and say red. Not Bacon red, but super cute chick dark red.


Eyes: Green. Green eyes are keen.


Height: My height or shorter. I think a girl with my build and height would be awesome, but shorter than me up to a point would be cool too. I'm not sure what I would do with a girl that was taller than me. They'd have to be a giant.


Weight: Less than me? Yes.


Face: Ahhh... full lips, cute nose, fairly nice skin, nothing in particular besides that.


Body type: Curvy, but not too much. Like, so clothes look good on her. I don't think I'd like a hard-body. I like squishing things too much.


Skin tone: Paaaaaale.


Breast size: Good sized breasts ARE AMAZING, but small breasts are very nice too. There's something about fitting the whole thing into my mouth. On the other hand, it's fun to TRY to fit nice sized ones in my mouth... Not huge and unmanageable, but not beestings either.


Butt size: I like a good butt. I don't want some ghetto shit, but if there's nothing there it's very sad. That said, what I consider nothing is far far smaller than most people. So, I would say, a nice curve, but not a goddamned shelf.


Style: I think goth chicks are hot but fuck walkin' around with that. I would say, someone with nerd-tech fashion. If they have the same balance of gamer gear, anime stuff, crazy shit, and lazy lazy bummish clothes, it would be jawsome.


Personality (last but not least): Noooooot aaaaaa slut. The best answer would be "horny but just for me". Besides that, I would like to try AGAIN for a gamer / anime chick, even though that shit STILL hasn't worked. Someone who is not overtly religious would be keen, more so if they share a similar taste in negative-theology, that is to say, don't care but enjoy angels and those things. Someone shy. Not a party animal.


Other: I dunno, I'm kind of tired. I'll see if I can come up with anything later.

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Hair: Hair is strange for me. Long or short, basically like Glitch... styled? sure. Anything different... but color? I have a sort of heirarchy. Red hair and/or colored hair is top-of-the-line (orange, really, "strawberry blonde", not dark red... and any other unnatural color under the rainbow), then blonde, then auburn (dark red), then black, then brown. Do I dislike any particular color? Not really. My "perfect" woman would have orange hair or blonde and colored green or blue.


Eyes: Non-brown. Green's my favorite.


Height: Less than 5'4" or taller than 5'8". No middles.


Weight: Under 180lbs.


Face: All I ask is that they have a unique quality to them and not be horribly disfigured. I knew a jewish girl named Renee who had a nose on her... hoo boy. It was cute, though. Also, I tend to look at the mouth more than any other facial feature.


Body type: There's a point were a girl will be full-figured without being obese. If they have a small belly, that's fine. On the other hand, if they are NATURALLY very skinny... that's good too. I like usually two basic female body types: short and curvy or tall and skinny.


Skin tone: Naturally pale or naturally dark. NATURAL being the operative word. If they tan themselves, no. Stay away.


Breast size: All I ask is that they look nice and have appropriate nipples. Anything larger than D's I do not really care for. Fake ones are not attractive to me.


Butt size: I don't take butts into consideration very often. All I ask there is that it's not horribly disproportionate.


Style: Unique. If you can sum them up in one word, I am probably not interested. I do tend to find the gothic style especially attractive, however. Black eyeliner is like kryptonite to me. Minimal piercings and tattoos a plus.


Personality (last but not least): "Horny but just for me" summed it up pretty nicely. That's every guy's dream, pretty much. I need some kind of matching personality, also. She would have to be into some of the same types of things I am. She'd also be an artist-type and maybe moody at times. Oh, also, NOT CONCIETED. I hate girls who are full of themselves. Humility, please.


Other: She'd be a professional artist who could draw in either a well-established manga or comic-style.:o

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yeah just got home


i am not too picky when it comes to this. for the most part thing just have to be in proportion.


i love the blue jean girls clean cute with a curve here and there


what is super keen is if she has red hair

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*blinks and decides to invade the topic* I think I'll go ahead and be unique and actually describe someone of the MALE gender. Equality of the sexes and all that.


Hair: Longer than normal; between chin and shoulder length. I like the darker hair colors; deep, deep brown and black, with just a touch of wave. If it's styled in any way other than to keep it out of the face, it bugs me.


Eyes: I'm not particular on color; one thing I've always heard is that one can see the soul through the eyes, though, and I cannot stand empty-eyes. There has to be intelligence in there, SOMEWHERE . . .


Height: just a bit taller than me. So somewhere around 5'8", I guess.


Weight: Just 'in-shape' is my favorite; the athletic guys usually start out with less respect than the others, and I'm just not attracted to anyone who's over a certain weight limit.


Face: It doesn't have to be handsome or cute, but I do like personality. If it lights up when they smile, that scores major points.


Body type: Fit, but not athletic. The more normal, the better.


Skin: I'm attracted to the darker tones, too; Indian, Native American and Italian. Blacks do nothing for me. I'm with Badger; it has to be NATURAL.


Breast size: . . . . . I'm pretty sure no one wants me to answer THIS one in any detail. Just no nipple rings, and I'm good.


Butt size: I don't really care too much. Too flabby is bad, I guess, though that's a touch hypocritical. *oberseves her own butt sadly*


Style: Intelligent, but not nerdy. A free-thinker, creative. A Thinker rather than a doer, a reader.


Personality: Individual, with too many ideas to apply them all. A writer, who looks at every situation as if its got plot potential, and a people-watcher. Someone who likes to analyze, to consider, and never has a moment where they stop thinking. An idealist, but with practicallity behind their idealism. A day-dreamer.


Other: A moderate of some kind, please! I always end up finding poitcal gurus. . . O.o








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That's what you get for joining a male dominated community, ohohoho.


Not that I'm complaining, mind you.


Oh, me neither. That just means more for me. :twisted::D

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