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The phoenix era. Chapter 1 part 1

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Some of you might have heard of this "writing project" but never knew what I was talking about so I'm happy enought right now to give you the translation of the first chapter.


Here is part one of the first chapter, translated with babblefish and supervised by me.


I can't tell you to enjoy because I know the enjoyment part is yet to come.


By the way, I'm looking for better names for both Max and Alfred because their names sucks and Alfred is a placeholder I use for all my male main characters.

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Far away from the city, cars and big economical centers, where calm and simple values are the way of life, there is a small suburban city where it is possible to easily hide suspicious activities. The people to this place are so confident to the purity of this place that they can not believe that their neighbours can be part of a conspiracy, of a criminal organization or even believe that they could be a danger for their life. What is strange is that they are almost right. This city in the middle of nowhere at an hour or two of Montréal and the inhabitants are all honest and respectful. Furthermore, there only was one major crime in the last fifty last years and it only involved "foreigners".


Unfortunately, this dream picture of the town displeased certain inhabitants. What they try to hide is that the victims, whom the leaders of the city called "foreigners", are citizens of this town for more than ten years. Disgusted by the lack of interest by the police force and the residents, some close relations of the victims have flees this place which refused reality.


In spite of their hatred against this city, a simple telephone call will make them return.


"You have reached MAXIMILIEN. It is for him impossible to answer right now. You can leave a message after the beep."


It was a very bad time to wakeup because this cold night of the beginning of spring had frozen the ground and it was possible no to illuminate the long way between the bed and the telephone.


"Hello Max! It is Alfred ", said the voice of a man who sounded desperate. "Listen, I need your help. I am stuck in a bad situation and I really do not have time to explain."


Someone who was awake since the ringing of the telephone heard this voice and panicked after having recognized who it was.


“I know that it sounds strange, but it is need you finds a girl who loves horses and both of you to meet me at the old Gendron Farm as fa…”


"Alfred?", says a voice of a woman who just to unhook the telephone.


Having recognized voice, Alfred lost his breath to speak. After a long silence, he lightly said a small "see you soon" and hung up.


In less than ten minutes (of which five was used to awake Maxime), both are found in the car on the way towards their hometown. Maxime fought his desire to sleep on the back seat while his roommate, Aurora, drove the car.

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