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[GC/PS2 (SNES and PS)] Megaman X collection review

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Quick comment: I passed megaman X 1 to 5 and I want to go and kill the director of X6 because the game is so wrong in so many way. Since I only own X1 and played the others on emuation or at friends house, it was a great buy for me. If you are interested to know, :banghead: is the PlayStation version (remix music and FMV).


Most of the extra are just bland artwork, musics and hints for X1,2 and 3 so it's not very intersting. But the only one worth it is Megaman Battle and Chase (fun but not that great).


So... the review is done. Now for the old game bashing.


:banghead: uses one of the worst kind of FMV ever. Think of any animation in a SNES game with sprites, film it, compress it very badly and put it on a CD. Blurry pixesl everywhere. Also the audio ballance sucks, high sounds are loud and low souds are almost unexistant.


X4: Capcom's low I.Q. storyline era (same time as Megaman 8). It's like watching an episode of dragonball. The FMV in this one also suffers from the sound problem:


"mumble... mumble... AAAHHHH!!!"




"Look, there are spikes over there. You shouldn't step on them"

"Look, there is a bomb"

"Look, there is a laser. Attack it."

"Look, there is something obvious over there."

"Look at me, my mouth is always opened. I was built that way."


X6: Worst game directing ever. Zero is "dead" but there is a spooky character who is controlled just like him. You are not wearing ther right armor? Game over dude. See that hard miniboss? Would you like to see it 6 times in the same level? Note that the flashing yellow C means you get a hint if you push the C stick (when was the last time I use it anyway?).

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I've got the GC version, and I did notice the sound being really bad in :banghead:. Which was really a bumout. But I think the worst problem with the game, is the control scheme. The default is that X is the dash button, and this makes it really difficult to try to charge up a shot, and dash anywhere be it up a wall or along the ground, and fire. This is incredibly anoying when you are fighting a boss. A good idea is to switch dashing to either L or R, and the weapon changer to X and Y. Just a tip.



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