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[PC] Fable: The Lost Chapters

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Five words, "Holy Crap This Is Addictive."


Fable The Lost Chapters is the first game of this type of RPG that I have played, and I have to say that I am having difficulty putting it down. I love the ability to make your way through the game and do basically anything you want to do. The story is very ingaging, even though I find that in certain places it is kind of predictable, and I am enjoying it immensly.


That graphics are fairly good, although with this type of game I will admit that I have no experience as to what "looks good." For the most part, it is all very smooth, with the exception of the portions of the game that my computer has difficulty running due to a slow processor. (I have an HP Pavilion zv6000, if somebody could tell me whether or not I can get the processor and graphics card updated, I would appreciate it, because I cant find anything that will tell me)


Combat is a little clunky, mainly due to the control scheme. I consistantly find myself surrounded by multiple enemies, and have to drop my guard so that I can cycle through my spells for just the right one to use, and then get my butt handed to me before I can find it. Not to mention the fact that some of the enemies are cheap SOBs doesnt help this fact, but it doesn't subtract to much from the game, some, but not enough to go on about it further. Oh wait, the camera stinks sometimes to, but what game doesn't have some sort of camera problem?


I have not finished the game, I have just beaten Jack of Blades, the jackass, and am about to find out what else might happen, so I may update this later. Or I may not...It depends all on what button I push with my mouse, or who I kill.


On a Side Note, I am also considering putting the game down for awhile per the fact I find myself getting increasingly mad at people who interupt me while I am trying to play it. I have never been so addicted to a game as I am to this one.



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