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Abbreviations :)

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This is a list of common game abbreviations. Feel free to add ones I miss.



[Wii] = Nintendo - Nintendo Wii

[PS3] = Sony - PlayStation 3 (all models)

[360] = Microsoft - Xbox 360 (all models)

[NDS] = Nintendo - Nintendo DS (all models)

[PSP] = Sony - PlayStation Portable

[GBA] = Nintendo - GameBoy Advance (all models)

[GCN] = Nintendo - GameCube (GameCube Nintendo)

[PS2] = Sony - PlayStation 2

[XBX] = Microsoft - Xbox

[N64] = Nintendo - Nintendo64

[DC] = Sega - DreamCast

[PSX/PS1] = Sony - PlayStation (also PSone model)

[sAT] = Sega - Saturn

[NGO] = SNK - NeoGeo (includes arcades)

[NGP] = SNK - NeoGeo Pocket (and NeoGeo Pocket Color)

[3DO] = Panasonic - 3DO (all models)

[CDI] = Phillips - CD-i

[JAG] = Atari - Jaguar

[TG16] = NEC - TurboGraphix 16 (includes TurboDuo and TurboExpress)

[GG] = Sega - GameGear

[GEN] = Sega - Genesis (includes SegaCD and Nomad)

[32X] = Sega - Genesis 32X (and SegaCD 32X)

[sNES] = Nintendo - Super Nintendo Entertainment System

[GB/GBC] = Nintendo - GameBoy/GameBoy Color (includes Super GameBoy)

[NES] = Nintendo - Nintendo Entertainment System

[sMS] = Sega - Master System


Personal Computers

[Win] = Microsoft - Windows XP (commonly)

[Mac] = Apple - Macintosh OSX (commonly)

[C64] = Commodore - Commodore 64

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[PC] = literally personal computer, although the (fairly) common interpretation leans to Windows.

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