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[Discussion] Super Smash Bros. Brawl - WishList

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I finally came around and thought it would actually be fun to think of what other characters and companies you'd like to see participate in SSBB.


A bunch of mine:


Trevor Belmont - Castlevania 3 - Konami

Alucard - Castlevania: Symphony of the Night - Konami

Megaman - Megaman - Capcom

Zero - Megaman X - Capcom

Ryu - Street Fighter - Capcom

Dante - Devil May Cry - Capcom

Joe - Viewtiful Joe - Capcom

Ryu Hayabusa - Ninja Gaiden/Dead or Alive - Tecmo

Christie - Dead or Alive - Tecmo

Taki - SoulCalibur - Namco

Kazuya Mashima - Tekken - Namco

Pac Man - Pac Man - Namco

Sonic - Sonic the Hedgehog - Sega

Dr. Eggman - Sonic the Hedgehog - Sega

Cloud - Final Fantasy VII/Ehrgeiz - Square-Enix

Terra - Final Fantasy VI - Square-Enix

Mickey - Kingdom Hearts - Square-Enix

Kuja - Final Fantasy IX - Square-Enix

Maester Seymor - Final Fantasy X - Square-Enix

Erdrick - Dragon Quest - Square-Enix

Crono - ChronoTrigger - Square-Enix

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Mint/Rue - Threads of Fate - Square-Enix

Squall - FF VIII -

Kid, Surge, Lynx - Chrono Cross - Square-Enix (?)

Rose - Legend of Dragoon -

Prie (sp?) - sdfsdfsdfsdfs

Any/all main characters - Xenosaga - Namco

Spyro - Ripto's Rage, Spyro the Dragon, etc. - Square-Enix (?)


. . . apparently I've been avoiding video games longer than I had though. >.< I suck.

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Metal Sonic - Sonic Heroes - Sega

KOS-MOS - Xenosaga 2 (I think? Never played...) - Namco

Sasuke - Mystical Ninja Starring Goemon - Konami

Lizardman - Soul Calibur III - Namco

SOPHIA the 3rd - Blaster Master - Sunsoft (maybe as an item of sorts?)

Bomberman - Bomberman - Hudson Soft

Dark Bomber (don't know if this is his actual name) - Bomberman Hero - Hudson Soft

Jessica - Dragon Quest VIII - Square-Enix


Can't think of anymore... though if Nintendo characters were allowed in the list I would want Ridley and Ray (Custom Robo) to be playable.

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Mog, FF6, SquareEnix

Garland, FF1, SquareEnix

Lu Bu, Dynasty Warriors (all of them I think), Koei

Serenade, Megaman Battle Network 3, Capcom

Alis, Phantasy Star, Sega

Eagle, Advance Wars 2/DS, Intelligent Systems (Nintendo)

Nell, Advance Wars 1/2/DS, Intelligent Systems (Nintendo)

Pyramid Head, Silent Hill, Konami

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I am gonna go a bit against the grain here and make a list of characters that actually stand a REALLY GOOD chance of making the cut, based on their relationship with Nintendo and their previous Nintendo-only franchises that later went multi-platform.


Solid Snake was on the NES in Metal Gear (yes, it was the same character) before anything else, so this is a logical conjunction as to how he could participate in a Nintendo fighting tournament. Based on this, I'm setting a limiter of "was on a Nintendo console". Also, a limiter of "parent company is on good terms with Nintendo", which basically eliminates any and all Rare intellectual properties.


  • Bomberman, of Hudson-Soft, has a decent chance of getting in. A lot of old-school NES gamers remember Bomberman, he started off on the NES, and seem to be practically in bed with Nintendo as of lately. His look and goofy style yet formidable mode of attack make him a good contender. Personally, if Bomber got into the game, I'd probably use nobody else. Not that I'm a huge Bomberman fan, but you have to know that all of his special moves will involve bombs and explosions. :smokin:
  • Megaman, of Capcom, has probably a better chance of getting in. Not Megaman X, not Zero, but old-school Megaman. Hell, he was in Captain N alongside Pit for crying out loud. He has been in a couple of fighting games already, and again he's a character that isn't hugely serious. Also, Capcom has helped Nintendo develop several of their first-party games, including some of the most recent Zelda titles.
  • Simon Belmont, who was in the first Castlevania, belongs to Konami. Konami already has Snake in the game, so Simon would have a good chance because of this alone. Like both examples above, he is from a game that most NES players look back on as a "classic" Nintendo game. He was also in Captain N.
  • Sonic the Hedgehog, of Sega/Sonic Team. Now Yuji Naka, Sonic's creator, has had a history of being picky when it comes to Sonic making cameos. He nearly made it into Mario Kart GP (Triforce Arcade, Nintendo/Sega/Namco) due to Sega's participation in the game and platform, however Yuji squabbled over having Sonic actually ride in a kart. He'd prefer him to actually run along side the karts instead of drive one himself, and as a result Sonic didn't actually make it in. Pac-Man took his place. Because of things like this, I don't know how Yuji would take to Sonic being in a game where Mario may potentially beat him up. Sonic has always seemed to have a rep to uphold, whereas all these other characters can be taken in a tongue-in-cheek perspective, even Solid Snake (who is often the butt of fourth-wall-busting jokes in his own games).
  • Speaking of Pac-Man (owned by Namco), I believe there's a small possibility he could get in. Namco has helped Nintendo develop the Triforce arcade platform alongside Sega, and has taken the helm in developing the recent Star Fox games for Nintendo. Also, seeing as how Link was in the Gamecube edition of Soul Calibur II (also a Namco game), I can safely say that Namco and Nintendo are close buddies as of lately. Like I said, Pac was in Mario Kart GP as a racer alongside Mario and friends, so him being in Smash isn't that out there.
  • Seeing as how Square-Enix is now on good terms with Nintendo, I can see some of their intellectual property in the game. It may be something as simple as Geno or Mallow from Super Mario RPG (I'd prefer Geno myself) or something as blatantly 100% Square-Enix as Mog or Vivi, and although I see any of these characters as being awesome additions to the game, I seriously doubt the latter two. I'd say that if ANY Final Fantasy characters made it in, they'd be from games released on the Nintendo first if at all, so Mog would be much more plausable than Vivi in this case.
  • On to the topic of Rare: I don't see any Rare characters making the game. Banjo/Kazooie would make a great character combo IMO, much like the Ice Climbers, or even a character like Conker (who'd ensure the ESRB rating would skyrocket to M), but with the whole Microsoft thing I don't even see these characters as a remote possibility, as much as that sucks.
  • Here's an out-of-left-field character: Ryu Hayabusa from Ninja Gaiden. These games started off on the NES, so that qualifies him in that respect. However, I'm not sure of the relationship between Tecmo and Nintendo at the moment. I doubt this would happen but Hayabusa would make a good opponent for Snake in my opinion. :D
  • Captain N! :banana::banana::banana:

Okay, I'm out of ideas at the moment. I'll update this as more comes to mind.

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