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[story] Pray

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Who is God but that what we choose to worship?


Why is it that we only worship what we can never, ever see?


Is it eternity? We can't worship something for only a life time. At most, 100 years. That's the length of the life of any human. Are humans meant to be worshipped? Maybe that is the better question. It might not be that we need something that will last forever as an idea but that instead that as humans none among us are worshipable. Are we so intelligent that we know that only the impossible is something we should strive for, something we can look to it as a pillar. Infallible.


I don't want to be God. But I will lead us for eternity. Isn't that the same thing? I will deliver us all into Eden. I will make mankind immortal.


Maybe I'm the opposite of God. The opposite of God isn't the Devil. The Devil is a creation of the lord, who seeks to usurp God's preferred sons, that being humanity.


I... I am something greater. Perhaps. Comparable, at least. What do I seek to make? Something better than man. In that, I am not a God. I am not even A God for I did not come from nothingness and what I create does not come from nothingness. People make the mistake of saying men who tamper with the original and natural genetics of life on this planet are "playing God". They are not near God at all. They are rivals of God. They are, at most, "Playing" God, and God never plays.


Even if he did, we would be no more than his plaything. Dolls. We are nothing more than dolls to God, to whittle away our lives before him.


People are not comfortable with this image, so this is not the image they adopt. Men would rather see their made up God as one that is always there, helping them along. Even away from the more realistic image of God as a catalyst, and not a benefactor.


We are God's ultimate creation, be it intentional or not. Evolution is God's way of creating us. We are the only creatures that have the guts to give thanks to him, like he did anything for us besides lead life on its merry way. We are presumptuous in this way. I can no more give thanks to God than I can make love to my wife, three decades dead. God has done nothing for us, why should we do something for him?


We are the product of a six billion year old experiment. God cares as little for us as we do for sea-monkeys in an aquarium, if even that much. When we die, kill ourselves off, we will be flushed down his great toilet and he will then continue to follow whatever survives. They give praise to him, to his ability, by being able to survive.


He doesn't care for us, who could kill ourselves in an instant and leave his six billion year experiment in the dust. What survives is key, what survives is worthy of his love. If not even that, love, if only his attention. That is the most we can hope for from an all-powerful deity.


So I will come, and usurp his experiment. I will create a man that his process never could have created. I will create the ultimate man that will spit on his process for the next six billion years. Angels not unlike his own. My own breed of angels.


Genocide is not the way, I will not engineer the destruction of man and make way for the Future. We will envelope every society, every gene, and weed out the disease, the hateful, and the self destructive. The only ones who die will be those who get in our way.


Life as we know it will change. Crime will disappear. Death will cease to be a worry in everyday life. The only thing left to fear will be the inevitable end we must all face at the hands of life.


My genes mean victory. My body means strength. You are ill fitted to defeat me. Together with my long dead wife I will subjugate this world and create its rebirth. My GUN will stop any who come before me. My child will watch this world and judge it once we are gone. The future has been provided for, the survival of our ideas has been assured. Man no longer need fear its extinction. No individual can live forever, but as a species, I will make us everlasting.


My name is Stephan Apex, and I will bring us back into Eden.

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