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The Void Inn.

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I do not know how long I have been here but to keep what is left of my sanity I write this journal of my life in this desolated world, land, small bar in the middle of the void.


Since it the beginning of my records, I will write about how I found this place before I forget it. I woke up walking in a straight line in a fog without knowing why or even who I was. I looked around me trying to see if there was any distinguish any scenery at all, but I had no luck and I continued to move forward and to search. After marching a long way without any sense of time or direction and without suffering of any fatigue, I stopped and lied down on the floor to look at the grey foggy sky hoping to see something move. My heart beat became my new indication of time but my concentration was not good enough to keep track of it and the rocky ground was distracting me. I stopped at 684,128 if it means anything to you. Anyway, I remained there thinking of who I am, who could I be but without any significant answer until he met me. He was in the same situation as I was when he tripped on me. I will always remember the first words we exchanged.


"Please, please, please. Don't let him be dead", he said. "I don't want to eat him when I'll get hungry."


Concerned about what he was insinuating, I responded: "Sorry but I do not think we will ever get hungry, mister."


I remember this conversation not because of the strange subject it had, but because we confirmed a few suspicions we had about this place and we have found out how to walk away from some sort of imaginary line. This new companion, who also does not remember his name, is quite a strange man. I can not old a decent discussion without him blacking out in his own imaginary world or hum some sort of music. I thought at first that insanity got hold of him during his walk alone but in the end he is really like this all the time. To add strangeness to our situation, he found before meeting me an electric rope of decorative lights. It gave us hope to go on walking and walking and walking...


Sooner or later, we found an old dusty house that started to fall apart and we lost no time to explore it. The inside looked like a small inn/bar/pub with tables, beds on the second floor, electric outlets (for him so he could decorate the exterior of the inn), drinkable beverages from an unknown source and a woman with an axe. She only got here a few moment ago and decided to repair the place with wood from someplace around.


We all talked for a bit, shared some ideas about our situation and we all agreed to restore this place to hopefully attract other lost travelers. Because I unknolwy had some cooking skill and the others do not, they elected me as the chef and boss of the inn. That's how the Void Inn came to life.


Oh! I almost forgot. We gave each other names. His name is Amandus, her is Stéphanie and mine is Vadim.


[spoiler=Author's note]Author's note: I have no idea where I'm getting with this but I don't care.


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