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Sword Bearer

MegaMan Battle Network 6...The end of a series?

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No closure? No more evil mother elf (Z3), no more Omega (Z3), no more Weil (Z4), no more energy shortage (Z3) and no more environmental issues (Z4).


That's about it. (and 2 pictures for the heck of it)

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SB, a while back I showed you that Gregar battle from the Japanese version that someone put on youtube. You were wondering about that dark navi that was used at the beginning, right?


That guy is called 'The Count,' I believe, and he is a character from Boktai. You see, when MMBN5 and Boktai 2 were released a form of compatability was made between the two. In the case of those games, a cross over battle could be held where both parties would fight Shademan, only the MMBN5 player would fight him the normal way and the Boktai 2 player would fight him like a boss in Boktai. On the lines of story involvement, the one playing Boktai 2 could engage in a side quest to hunt down Shademan after he found a way into the physical world.


A similar form of compatability was made between MMBN6 and Boktai 3. The only problem here is that Boktai 3 didn't come to the states. As a result, the cross over mission in MMBN6 had to be removed, along with all the areas that were involved (if I remember correctly, there were additional areas to the Graveyard that had been removed). This includes the dark chip you saw, as well a bunch of the other Boktai chips that were used (such as Django, though they did keep the Gun Del Sol chips).


A shame, really, since the chips look cool and Boktai 3 itself looks great, but the first two games didn't do too well over here. If they'd have to come up with any more excuses for taking out that sidequest and the chips, though, I'd have to say they'd take a shot at the fact that the Count's attacks use blood.

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