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Character Profile Template

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Character Data

Name: (Your character's actual name.)

Alias: (Any other names they are commonly known by.)

Age: (Their native age, but also include approximate earth years.)

Sex: (Male, Female, None?, Both??, Other???)

Race: (Human, Elf, Cyborg, or whatever they may be.)

Occupation: (What do they do when NOT in BOTP.)

From: (What country, planet, universe, plane of existance, etc. are they from?)

Affiliation: (Apath, Resistance, Unaffiliated, or just name something.)

ISH-O-VISIONTM Color: (Pick a color from the list, any color)



Physical Stats

Height: (In feet & inches, ie 6"5'.)

Weight: (In pounds/lbs.)

Hair: (Description of hair color, style, accessories, and other related things.)

Eyes: (Description of eye color and any unique features they might have.)

Appearance: (Skin tone, scars, tatoos, makeup, body build, and other unique features.)

Clothing: (What they'll be wearing, or lack there of, during the entirety of BOTP. More than one outfit requires another line with this same heading.)



Other Info

Personality: (What kind of person they are, but must be more than ONE word. Also list any odd characteristics they have.)

Favorite Song: (Optional, can be real or made up. Basically goes to personality.)

Favorite Color(s): (Optional, can be real or made up. Basically goes to personality.)

Miscellaneous: (Anything else about your that you can think of that needs to be put in.)



Character Abilities

Weapon Preference: (Type of weapon they like to use.)

Handed: (Left, Right, Ambidextrous, can use feet like hands?)

Skills: (List of different skills, abilities, and other things your character can do.)

Armament: (Any offensive things they use.)

Protection: (Any defensive things they use.)

Style: (Fighting style, can be real or made up but must be described even if named.)




(A brief history of your character prior to BOTP7, just don't get TOO damn deep.)

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