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BOTP7 Rules & Guidelines

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- Character Guidelines -


Character Profiles

ALL profiles should be formatted using the Character Profile sheet. It's not that hard to follow unless you're a COMPLETE MORON and believe me we've had our share.


Character Color

First come, first serve. Colors are not recycled among characters so don't bother waiting for one to open for use...it ain't going to happen.



Like normal characters, NPCs can be written in by other writers, not just the author that created the NPC. NPCs are not to be given text color, only addressed by name as according to the text.



(Script) NPC: Blah blah!!

(Paragraph) "Blah blah!!" NPC screamed.



Admin Approval

Characters entered must be approved by DamnGlitch, Sasuke, and Neko. Mostly this is to ensure characters are as fleshed out and usable to all participants.



- Posting Guidelines -



Firefox 2: Nothing additional needed.


Firefox 1.x: SpellBound Dev or AspellFox

Installation instructions for SpellBound Dev

1- Install the SpellBound Dev extension

2- Select the appropriate Mozilla spell check libraries from the Mozilla Dictionaries page.


Installation instructions for Aspell Fox

1- Install Aspell for windows here http://aspell.net/win32/

2- Install appropriate dictionaries http://aspell.net/win32/

3- Install AspellFox for windows: http://www.thunderbird-software.com/aspellfox-0.5.8a-fx-win.xpi.


Internet Explorer: Spellcheck.net


Using Word Processors to Compose Posts

Make sure that your post doesn't get converted to Times New Roman.

If using MS Word or any like word processor, please make sure to turn Fancy/Curly/Smart quotes off. Some browser configurations don't like them and will garble them into garbage. In MS Word, this is in the AutoCorrect panel under Tools. Removed!


Internal Linking

Please when linking to a page here on the board, use the [thread] and tags. Using causes a new window/tab to open so do this out of courtesy more than anything.


Posting comments the Story Forum

DON'T! Random chatter and non-battle stuff should be posted in General Discussion.


Plots and Plans

Since BO7P is free form there should be NO whining if your carefully thought out plan gets screwed up.


Continue Thread vs New Thread

Only start a NEW thread ONLY if your story is totally separate from the others or it takes the story in a totally new direction.


Reserving a Post

You may reserve a post for a short time. Try to get it up by the next day if you do, because if the we feel you're abusing the privilege we will remove your reservation as possibly revoke your privilege to reserve.




Keep track of your character(s) continuity

Make a post in your profiles section that will indicate where your character is and what he/she/it was doing at the end of the post that the character was in most recently. This is to help the other participants write so that mistakes aren't made in the progress of the story.


First / Third Person

All stories, profiles, and backgrounds are to be written in THIRD PERSON ONLY! NO EXCEPTIONS!




Keep ALL attacks reasonable

No "I use KI to blow up the universe" or "I summon a fleet of 83,246,018,264 heavily armed X-Wings carrying neutron bombs."


Your Character and Battles

You can write about yourself and set up battles about yourself, but once the battle starts, the outcome's out of your hands... Someone else has to write the outcome.


Once your character is dead or you quit, that's it they're done

You can write about other characters, but your guy is going to have to sit out the rest of the Battle. You can still continue to contribute and are encouraged to do so!

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Smart Quotes work under UTF-8. It should be fine to use them. Just make sure when you use Word, that your post doesn't doesn't get changed to Times New Roman.

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