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Delta (Project Golem BSA-01-004)

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Character Data

Name: Project Golem BSA-01-004

Alias: Delta

Age: 18 in appearance

Sex: Female

Race: Robot/Gynoid

Occupation: Hacker, Researcher

From: St. Helens Labs

Affiliation: Maxwell Ovid (deceased)

ISH-O-VisionTM Color: MediumOrchid


Physical Stats

Height: 5' 03"

Weight: 120 lbs.

Hair: Dark green in color. Right side goes down to the shoulder, left side stops after the ear. Gradually goes from one length to the other as it runs along the back of the head. Delta also has bangs, but they are usually hidden by her beret.

Eyes: Pinkish Purple

Appearance: Delta looks nothing like a robot on the outside. Her skin is of a pale tone, and her body is gently built. She doesn't appear muscular at all, though she can give herself a lean appeal if she flexes properly. There is a triangle shaped symbol on the back of her neck. Delta's presence has a hypnotic quality.

Clothing: Delta dresses in a grayish tube top with a small green jacket and green pants similar to cargo pants. She wears boots that go up about mid calf, gray in color, and she also wears biker gloves that are gray. Delta's last notable article of clothing is her beret, green like her jacket and pants.


Other Info

Personality: Delta's attitude is usually that of a friendly one. She doesn't like to pick fights; in fact, she doesn't like to fight at all, but she does if there is no other option. Delta would much rather discuss things peacefully or engage in some other nonviolent activity. However, when things become serious, Delta can take on an equally serious persona, and despite her usual demeanor of kindness, she does not put any trust in those around her until she knows them better and is able to determine whether they are with her or against her. All things considered, even if Delta is confronted by an enemy, she would much rather settle things peacefully (with the exception of the two strongest BioSuits). It would be a mistake to try and use Delta's nice side against her.

Favorite Song: Portishead - Flowers Bloom

Favorite Color(s): Anything of a soft shade

Miscellaneous: Even though she is an android, Delta looks nothing like a machine. No form of scanning can find her out to be a robot, seeing as how her interiors perfectly mimic the human anatomy (it should also be noted that they can operate the very same, even the sexual organs, but these mimics are not really necessary to her survival). Even the first few layers into her skin are reddish if exposed. However, a deep enough cut can expose her actual insides, which are colored silver. Aside from that, one would have to learn the truth from Delta to really know that she is not human.


Delta's design is a microscopically woven system of sinewy circuitry and nanites, making it so that she is probably the closest a robot can get to being organic without actually being organic. Her hair and skin are pleasantly soft. Others will become dreamily content if they make contact with Delta's hair or skin, even females.


Character Abilities

Weapon Preference: Daggers

Handed: Ambidextrous, but she is more likely to use her right hand.

Skills: A clairvoyant quality within Delta can calm restless emotions, and this same sense helps hint her to the emotions and intentions of those around her without actually identifying what those emotions and/or intentions are. This prevents Delta from making naive decisions, and it also makes it difficult to take her by surprise. The intricacies of Delta's design allows for her to regenerate fairly quickly from injury, lost limbs able to return in a few minutes, and it also boosts her senses beyond that of any human and even surpassing the senses of a BioSuit. Delta is also an excellent hacker, having had practice against the Apath computers and easily stealing information without leaving any traces or clues. She can also sing, beautifully at that.

Armament: Delta's main weapon is a specially made dagger. The blade is galvanized to an extremely sharp edge, and nanomachines built into the blade constantly produce a poison that laces the dagger. Nonfatal (unless a ridiculous amount makes it into the enemy), the poison contained in the dagger will steadily numb the senses, thus cutting down the opponent's strength and making it more difficult for them to fight.


The rest of Delta's arsenal is composed of various explosives, mostly smoke and flash bombs, that are about half the size of the average tennis ball. The other bombs include ones that send out pointed jacks, ones that explode and retract into binding slime, and a few bombs that are actual explosives.

Protection: Delta's defenses are complex, and help to overcome her lacking attack power. Delta can receive heavy amounts of damage and remain in one piece, though such attacks might reduce her agility. Her regenerative skill adds to this endurance. If caught in a grapple or hold of any kind, Delta can electrify her body, a good means of retorting against such tactics. Electricity can also destroy the slime made by her bind bombs in a matter of seconds, assuming that Delta gets caught in one.


Delta's miraculous structure gives her amazing immunity properties. She is unaffected by all forms of status effect and reduction. She also has high resistance to energy and nonphysical attacks; totally impervious to electric based attacks. Her heightened senses also provide immunity against her smoke and flash bombs. Delta has no real weak points and is even able to regenerate her head, but if more than 50% of her body is destroyed, or if she receives a long string of powerful blows, she will go unconscious. Her regenerative skill keeps going even when she's out cold.

Style: Observation, caution, endurance, speed, and tenacity are all a part of Delta's fighting style. Because she never starts fights, Delta always begins on the defensive, carefully eyeing her opponent and scanning for any weak points. When ready, Delta will remain a safe distance from her opponent, making quick runs of dagger slashes and kicks, or catching her opponent off guard with one of her bomb armaments (save the true explosive ones). Delta will put more power behind her attacks as her opponent is worn down, and she will also take more accurate aim at any critical points on her target. If faced by an armored foe, Delta will use her actual explosives in an attempt to cut down or remove parts of the target's armor.


When forced to fight hand-to-hand, Delta will go for the key pressure points of her enemy in hopes of a stun or instant knockout. If forced into extremely close combat, or if none of her other strategies work, Delta will grab onto her enemy and electrocute them. Delta's evasiveness, endurance, and versatility all add up to make her an irritating opponent. Delta refrains from killing, but those who die at her hands usually experience pleasure rather than pain due to the numbing effects of her dagger and the soft touch of her skin.



Delta is the last and only product of Project Golem, a pursuit that began in the early days of Apath, prior to the creation of the BioSuits. The goal of Project Golem was to create a series of powerful machines, an idea that seemed good until the BioSuits entered the scene. Losing all the funding it had, Project Golem was discarded and forgotten, even the highest executives of Apath not bothering to commit even the slightest bit of its existence to memory. Only one person remained in the labs where Project Golem started, the leader of the project known as Professor Maxwell Ovid.


Humiliated and enraged, Ovid committed the last of his years to creating Delta, a compilation of his research and new findings in technology, findings that no others would have ever discovered. He recorded everything he knew about the BioSuits, about Apath, and about Apex's past and plans. His work went without sustenance and rest, Ovid dying as he activated Delta.


Learning everything Ovid had found, and solving the mysteries of Apath that Ovid could not, Delta became the embodiment of her creator's vengeance. Though she would rather live peacefully for all eternity, Delta cannot forgive what Apath did to her creator, nor what it has done to the world. She plans the day where she will meet Stephan and Mary, the ones that had led the Underground. When that day comes, Delta will turn herself into the most powerful EMP bomb known to humankind, capable of frying the brain of any BioSuit. Doing so would kill her, but it would also kill the two most powerful BioSuits known on Earth. Ovid's gift to Apath, a present that Delta has saved for those two alone.

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