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Something changed.


DamnGlitch, destroyed himself in his grief. In the normal time line, he was revived.


But something changed.


For some reason, Sara never went to NeoSeattle. She never meet Ambrosia, never met Cherub, and never worked with the two to begin the reconstruction of Glitch.


And so, Stephan Apex's plans began to unfold. Work continued on project Maria, and Apex began to finish the plans for his own body.


Ambrosia, without Glitch, became the Underground's greatest warrior and commander. Bill, without his rival, became Ambrosia's second-in-command, and helped devastate Europe. Alex stood to the side, not in the spot-light, but he was there.


By 2013, all of the Americas had been taken control of. The European front had opened and the Mass Production BioSuits were encountering trouble with the Foreign BioSuit armies. It was then that construction finished with... them.


Stephan Apex transfered himself into the AlphaType 12 BioSuit. The extra time between when Glitch would have been activated in the original timeline and this one had been used to perfect the Type 12 to the level of Mary... the OmegaType 13. Together, Stephan and Mary awakened as the ultimate BioSuits. Taking control of the combined Underground army, they wiped out every single super power on the planet.


Several areas of the planet were completely blown off the map with Apex's Apocalypse Gun. While many areas were left uninhabitable, as a whole the world was spared. The Foreign BioSuit army was crushed, and the Underground forces returned triumphantly.


The two BioSuit lovers built a new unified nation, consisting of every country in the world. Borders were eliminated, cultures were erased. All became one.


It was called "Global Apath World Order". During its establishment, Apex headed it himself. Soon, things settled, and it became clear that the world as it was would never again fear war or famine or strife.


It was then that the Alpha and the Omega disappeared, content to live by themselves and for themselves, away from the rest of humanity.


The former Underground council came to power, and became the de facto rulers of the world.


15 years passed...


Science has ground to a halt since the the founding of the World Order. Freedom of speech has shrunk to nearly nothing. Religion has been abolished. The Press is the Order.


Without the invincible and charismatic leaders that had secured them their place at the top of the world, the Order is facing increasingly dangerous pressures from all corners of the world. While it is not nearly enough to topple them at the moment, at the rate things are going war is almost inevitable. With 20 year old war machines, the Order is facing the alarming truth that they may no longer be at the forefront of Human/machine evolution.


Whether to beat or simple stall this development is their goal. The plans were drawn up: They would sponsor a world wide contest, to find the strongest fighter in the world, the best technology, the best genetics, the greatest intelligence, and use it to build their Next Generation BioSuit.





The year is 2030.


There is a contest to find the greatest fighter in the world. The prize is infamy and nothing else. Some enter to become the greatest, some enter to test their skills. Some are agents of the rival organizations, aiming to take down the World Order, others are test subjects of the World Order itself, field testing themselves to see if they are worthy to become a part of the greatest BioSuit in history.


The game starts in NeoSeattle, June 24th 2030. The only rules are survive to the last. Each participant will be fitted with a special tracking device. It will read their vitals and send the information to the World Order. The last one standing is the official winner.


However, this is BoTP. Things are never that simple.


The battleground is the NeoSeattle. Think of it as a modern, sprawling metropolis. It's a huge city, which now covers nearly the entirety of what once was the state of Washington. Opening ceremonies will take place at the Apath Building, and then for two hours there will be a no fight rule while combatants disperse and prepare for the battle.


The city is divided into zones . As the game progresses announcements will list zones that are forbidden, forcing the players together in the hopes of continuing the battle. The zones will be monitored by satellite, so anyone loitering in a forbidden zone will be escorted out by Order forces. Anyone refusing to leave a zone and play by the rules will be destroyed without hesitation.


Players will be held accountable for non-participant deaths. Remember, the battle is a way to legally kill people, as long as they are in the battle! Take advantage of this freedom, don't get yourself wrapped up with an accidental murder.


The game will last exactly one month (BoTP time. We all know this will take WAY longer than a month IRL.) or until there is one viable combatant left standing.




(Technical note: NOT ALL PARTICIPATES IN THE BOTP HAVE TO BE IN THE CONTEST. Generally, this is the idea, but if you have some sort of nifty plot that necessitates you not being in the contest, by all means stay out. However, in order to help with the cohesion of the plot, try not to steer to far from the planned idea, alright? People who wish to enter characters from outside the BoTP 7 world are welcome to do so, but remember that this is not a place connected to the rest of the open universe. Think of the prime directive, don't go revealing you're from outer space to the general populous, you know? Be low key.)

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