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Opening Ceremonies

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Green hair blowing in the gentle NeoSeattle wind, Ambrosia approached the podium which had been erected in front of the World Order HQ for the commencement ceremony. A sizable crowd stood in front of her. It was obvious that some of these people were only fools who had no idea what they were getting into. It was not them who the Order was concerned with, they were merely cannon fodder for the true players.


People with power, and motive, with charisma and cunning. It was those select few that possessed such abilities that were the greatest threat to the Order. It was the Order's hope to eliminate some of them and if possible, capture the strongest to use as a base for the Next Generation Mass Production BioSuits. It was a plan of questionable merit, but it would accomplish their goals if it proceeded as planned.


Aside from the participants many excited onlookers had stopped to watch. Around the central crowd of fighters was a thick halo of civilians, curiously looking for the brave few that had volunteers to be hunted by their fellow man.


An eerie silence came over the entire courtyard. Satisfied with the volume of the crowd, Ambrosia began.


"The day is here. The battle will soon begin. Know that you will be fighting for your lives. Whether you live or die has everything to do with you and your opponent. You should all know this, as it was explained to you at length during the sign-up. Still, this is the last chance you will be able to opt out, as with the beginning of the battle you will all be fitted with tracking devices. This is an ironclad agreement making you a member of the battle, and an individual that may be legally killed by another participant. The opposite is true, in that you may legally kill another participant. Please note that death is not the only way to eliminate your opponent. Anyone completely unable to fight will be removed by World Order forces. Those with a chance of recovery, however, will still be considered in the battle."


Ambrosia looked coldly out to both the fighters and the people audience watching television at home.


"Everywhere is a battle zone, within the boundaries of NeoSeattle. This should give you more than enough room to work. If the fighting slows down to an unacceptable level, zones will be made forbidden and the area for battle will be shrunk. Since you are all willing participants, you should follow these announcements as regular progression of the game. Should you feel the need to disobey the announcements, Order forces will be brought in to escort you out of the zone. In the unlikely event that fails, you may be bombed from orbit."


The crowd remained silent, people seemed to understand to direness of disobeying the government of the world.


With flourish, William made his move and left her side to and join the other participants. Ambrosia barely acknowledged his actions and continued.


"On my mark, the game will begin. From that point there is a two hour 'no kill period', where fighting is prohibited. Please use this time to disperse from here, find hiding, set up contacts and begin plotting strategies. An air raid siren will sound when the period is up. It is then that you may begin to fight."


Some 200 Mass Production BioSuits snapped to attention, and raised their rifles in the air.


"The game begins NOW."


With the sounding of gun fire, the World Order Tournament began.

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