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Sword Bearer

Sword Bearer (Changers Champion) V.1

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Character Data

Name: John McNab

Alias: Sword Bearer, SB

Age: Appears to be in his mid twenties, but is in actuality almost two hundred years old.

Sex: Male

Race: Human

Occupation: Protector of Future Anthropos.

From: Originally from Earth, but now lives in Anthropos.

Affiliation: None.



Physical Stats

Height: 6'5"

Weight: 180

Hair: Ash Blond, short in the front, so as to not get in his eyes while fighting. But the back is down to his shoulders. This is mainly because he hasn't had a chance to cut his hair.

Eyes: Right eye Blue, left eye Green. This is the sign of a prophet of the Changer

Appearance: White skin, only slightly tanned, and he has a scar above his right eyebrow.

Clothing: He wears black clothing, akin to a ninja outfit, black boots, and black gloves. He also has a shoufa, akin to a mask that wraps around your neck, head, and face. The only difference is that his leaves his hair uncovered. Plus a golden wedding ring on his left ring finger.


Other Info

Personality: Sword is a fairly easy going guy. He is very likeable and fun to be around. He has a good sense of humor, and wont hesitate to crack a joke if he feels the need, or sees the opportunity. He does know when to shut up though, and will reel his humor in when he senses it to be the wrong time. He has a strong sense of Right and Wrong, and will speak his mind accordingly. He also proved in BOTP6 that he is a good leader, and has no qualms about following when he should, and leading when necessary. He is very loyal to his friends, although if you were to list how his loyalties went it would come out, first to the Changer, then his wife, and then his friends. Typically he will not kill any of the criminals that he catches, petty thieves and such he will simply beat up and turn into the authorities. Murderers though he feels really strongly about, and is more likely to just take them out.

Favorite Song: Portrait of an Apology, by Jars of Clay

Favorite Color(s): Blue and Red

Miscellaneous: Mainly his friends are Outerverse, Insane Space Hunter, Max (different Max than from who will be participating in this BOTP.) Sasuke, Roboster I and II. I'm not sure if they ever really met but I will put DG down as an association.


Character Abilities

Weapon Preference: His swords.

Handed: Right handed, but he has trained his left hand to work just as well.

Skills: He can harness the power of the Changer. When he does this, a blue glow envelopes his body. He can fire energy waves and beams, and shape it into different weapons. For example, he can form a sphere, toss it into the air, and have it 'explode' into fragments of energy. He is also learning how to use the power for healing, but he can't heal himself. Finally, he can focus the Changers power into his weapons, or charge up electrical devices.

Armament: Two swords. The first is 'The Sword of Geburah.' A medium weight Broadsword, this is mainly used for cutting, or bashing, through armor. It is Sword Bearers original sword, and glows blue when evil is near, or when SB is in need. The second sword is a Japanese style katana. He earned this sword in BOTP3, after defeating an evil double of himself. It has no special powers, and he mainly uses it for defense and quick jabs. The sword is now named after the enemy that he took it from, Shadow.

Protection: Under his black clothing, he has thin body armor that covers his torso, neck, upper arms, and his legs down to his ankles. Its fairly thin, he primarily relies on not getting hit, so it wont take much damage, but its better than bare skin.

Style: SB fights using both swords at the same time, The Sword of Geburah for assault, and Shadow for defense. He came up with this style shortly after BOTP3, and mastered it in BOTP6. He mainly uses energy blasts when he is far away from his opponent, or when he is to close to swing his swords well. And he can punch people to�?�yeah.



SB grew up in England until he was thirteen, where he first encountered the Changer, and was taken to Anthropos. Over the years, he traveled back and forth from Earth and Anthropos, until finally settling down on Earth and getting married. He lived a long and joyful life on Earth, and shortly before his and his wife�??s death, they were both once again taken to Anthropos, and given new bodies. This time though, they were in a different time period, the future of Anthropos. Given the years spent on Earth and Anthropos combined, SB is almost 180 years old, although only appearing to be in his early twenties. He is the Changers champion.

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