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Apath Corporation ExtraType 12 ABS-BS "Gabriel Mason"

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Character Data

Name: Gabriel Mason

Alias: DamnGlitch, Glitch, Gabe

Age: Appears 21

Sex: Male

Race: Apath Corporation ExtraType 12 ABS-BS Command Unit (Cyborg)

Occupation: Freedom fighter, MPBS Command Unit

Homeworld: Earth, NeoSeattle (alternate)

Text Color: DarkViolet


Physical Stats

Height: 6'3"

Weight: 155

Hair: Long, thigh length purple hair, with "bangs" that frame his face and reach to his chest.

Eyes: Sharp, dark green

Appearance: Soft skin, pretty face, full lips. Originally an identical duplicate of his sister, except for gender, Gabe is very feminine as a result. In this his second incarnation, his features are much harder, and he has a more manly appearance than before. He retains a bit of ambiguity but not nearly as much as his OldType form. His eyebrows are somewhat thick and he has tattoo-esqe black lines that run up his arms as a tell tale sign of his prosthetic system. His ears are pierced.

Clothing: Glitch wears a calf length green trench coat -- underneath is a thin black tank top, and then there are his signature buster pants, which do a pretty good job of hiding his oversized shoes. He has a large holster for his sword, Last Prayer, that attaches to his trenchcoat on his right shoulder. He also wears two large cross earrings, which serve another purpose that's described later. His hands are covered in fingerless gloves to hide his prosthetics lines.



Other Info

Personality: Before, Glitch was always fairly good natured and even playful at times. While he still retains these traits, they have been very much dulled by his experiences since the last BoTP he played in. Now, he is more touchy and prone to seriousness. That wont stop him from his goals this time around. He's looking for good times, good friends, and an extended escape from his problems. That being said, he's pretty reliable, unless of course he's liquored himself up. Then it's all over, and you might as well get yourself ready for a night of partying.

Transportation: He usually walks where ever he needs to go, and does not a have a vehicle of his own.

Favorite Song: Groovy Blue - Onosaka Masaya

Favorite Color: Purple, Green

Family: Sara, Lucretia, William, Cherub, the rest of the Apath BioSuit line.

Friends: ISH, Sasuke, Outerverse, Roboster I, and any number of former participants from the first three BoTPs

Foes: The Apath Underground, AdvancedType 11 ABS-BS William.


Character Abilities

Weapon Preference: Glitch likes blade weapons if availible, particularly large swords. He really doesn't like to use gun type weapons unless he really has to.

Handed: Ambidextrous, preferring his right hand for his sword and his left hand as a prosthetic claw.

Skills:Glitch has spent most of his life using his natural skills as a hacker to give him the edge in dodging the constant searches by Apath. They are invaluable and unrivaled, even amongst other BioSuits. Glitch also is a fair artist as well, but that doesn't really help anybody, now does it? Since he is, in fact, a cyborg, he can run over long distances without getting tired, jump higher, and perform acts of acrobatics that are beyond a normal person.

Armament: Glitch's weapons of choice are his trusty custom Beam Sabre, and his personal sword 'Last Prayer'. The Last Prayer is a heavy custom sword, made of heavy grade NeoTitanium, which gives it quite a bit of weight. He is proficient with both blades, and is a mean dual sword fighter. Aside from that, he also has a recent version of the Underground's prosthetic system, which lets him transform his hands and arms into large grappling weapons and blades, as well as several preset weapons, like a machine gun or a flame thrower. He needs ammo for the machine gun, but uses his own body chemicals for the flame thrower fuel. He is not a lover of guns so he tries to keep the use of those abilities to a minimum. The cross earrings he wears double as explosive devices, but he's a bit attached to them so he really is going to avoid using them unless necessary. Glitch is a weapon in and of himself, so if he loses his swords he'll knock some sense into people with his fists.

Protection: Glitch's only armor is a set of long knee pads strapped to his legs and arm guards strapped onto his trench coat. The coat is lined with kevlar, so it has some stopping power as well. Other than that, he relies on his superior speed and natural protection offered by his NeoTitanium skeleton to keep him safe. His arms are also generally safe since they are prosthetics.

Style: Glitch is a pretty merciless fighter. He fights mean and he fights dirty. He is an expert with his double swords, combining them with his prosthetics system which gives him both reach and power over most foes. He also excels at hand-to-hand combat, using a combination of street fighting and martial arts. Given the right circumstance, he can activate his Virus System*, which essentially makes him stronger, faster, and meaner for a short period of time.


*Extended note on Glitch's Virus System: The virus system is a somewhat arcane in its function: Only after a certain amount of injury or mental duress has occurred can the system successfully activate. There is no such thing as "forcing" a viral outbreak. Attempting to do so would only harm Glitch, and he knows it. As a "NewType" Virus System, itwas deigned for fighting Cyborgs and other BioSuit enemies. In addition, it is extremely useful against human and other biological enemies. It is NOT very good against purely mechanical and robotic foes, but it is still more useful than fighting without it. Glitch's system is also 'MultiTiered' which means after sustaining even more damage in Virus mode, he can transform into an even deadlier version of the system. Switching to the second Tier is a terrible burden and is only available in the most dire and extreme situations. The virus has a side benefit besides greater combat ability; When it's finished, Glitch heals at an even more excellerated rate than normal. This only happens when Glitch reverts from the first Tier of the virus, and that only happens when he has exited combat, be that from victory, defeat, or death. Death being a permanent condition, he does not heal in that situation. Glitch gets no special benefits when reverting from Virus if he hits the second Tier.



Background: Gabriel, as he is now, is the 12th BioSuit constructed by the Apath Underground, a nefarious world spanning organization with eyes on world domination and human evolution. Recreated in secret by Stephan Apex and his original creator Dr. Engelmacht, along with help from Elle, Lucretia and his sister Sara, Glitch is now on the run from his past life and the clutches of the Apath Underground. He stole off to Europe and is Diving to the Multiverse to escape from his problems, opting for the false security of the Multiverse over the cruel reality of his life. Unfortunately for him, the Multiverse has a mean sense of humor and puts him in what is essentially a recreation of his world. Despite this, Glitch is trying his best to meet up with old friends and relive the days spent on the MDB World. Whether or not he will be swept up in this post-Underground world and the World Order's competition remains to be seen.

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