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Apath Corporation AdvancedType 11 ABS-BS "William Sullivan"

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Character Data

Name: William Sullivan

Alias: Bill, Lord Sullivan, Mr. William

Age: Appears 21

Sex: Male

Race: Apath Corporation AdvancedType 11 ABS-BS Command Unit (Cyborg)

Occupation: Second-in-Command of the World Order Military, MPBS Command Unit

From: Earth, NeoSeattle




Physical Stats

Height: 5'11"

Weight: 150

Hair: Dirty blond hair that reaches down his back, which is tied into a pony tail at the base of his skull.

Eyes: Bill's eyes are entirely black with white irises.

Appearance: Bill is about average height, with a well defined body. He is somewhat muscular but not in a body builder sort of way. He has a somewhat sinister face and takes to wearing shades when he isn't in combat. His eye brows are oppositely arranged from the way Glitch's are, in that instead of being bushy in the middle of his face, they are bushy towards the sides. He does not have any piercings or tattoos, but he has black prosthetics lines that run up and down his arms that look close enough to tattoos to pass as them.

Clothing: Bill wears large BusterPants and a coat of his own design that is lined with a NeoTitanium chain mesh. He also wears suspenders, but keeps them down. His shoes are normal sneakers. His sword, 'Sanctuary', is strapped to his thigh.



Other Info

Personality: When Glitch was around, Bill's life was dedicated to destroying him. When Glitch disappeared, so too did Bill's inferiority complex. In the time since the disappearance, Bill has basked in the glow of war and the life of a soldier. He is loyal to the company for as long as they are loyal to him.

Favorite Song: After the Call - Tangerine Dream

Favorite Color: Black, Red

Family: The Apath BioSuit line.

Friends: Lucretia (alt)

Foes: Glitch, anyone against the World Order



Character Abilities

Weapon Preference: Bill uses 'Sanctuary', and refuses to use anything else.

Hand Preference: Ambidextrous, but prefers to use his left hand for his sword and his right for his prosthetic claw.

Skills: Bill is medical mastermind. He knows the inner workings of the human body better than, well, most humans. He has never killed a person with his own hands. He cripples them, tortures them within an inch of death, but he has never killed someone. He can make an armless, legless opponent, but he'll also make it so they have to live on, armless and legless. He is a master swordsman, and is easily Glitch's equal on the battlefield.

Armament: Bill's quintessential weapon is 'Sanctuary', his heavy hook sword. He will use no other weapon, and because of that he is an absolute master of the NeoTitanium blade. Aside from that, he also has a slightly dated version of the the prosthetic system, which lets him transform his hands and arms into large grappling weapons and blades, as well as several preset weapons. In emergencies, he'll use the blade weapon configurations, but he will not use the gun weapon presets. Bill, if necessary, will kick and punch the shit out of someone should he need to, and will be greatly assisted by his massive claws.

Protection: Bill's shirt is lined with a NeoTitanium chain mesh, which has similar stopping power to that of a suit of armor. He also has a set of front leg armor that straps around his shins and extends up to mid-thigh. Other than that, he relies on his superior speed and natural protection offered by his NeoTitanium skeleton to keep him safe. His arms are also generally safe since they are prosthetics.

Style: Bill is a power fighter. The swings of his sword, his fists, and his kicks are all devastating. He is remarkably fast compared to a human but compared to some biosuits he is seen as sluggish because of the power he puts behind his attacks. He fights fluidly because of that, and by doing so removes some of the delay that reversing an attack would take and instead moves into the next attack. He combines his dangerous sword work with his prosthetics system which gives him both reach and power over most foes. He also excels at hand-to-hand combat, using a combination of street fighting and kick-boxing. Given the right circumstances, he can activate his Virus System*, which essentially makes him stronger, faster, and meaner for a short period of time.


*Extended note on Bill's Virus System

The virus system is a somewhat arcane in it's function. Only after a certain amount of injury or mental duress has occurred can the system successfully activate. There is no such thing as "forcing" a viral outbreak. Attempting to do so would only harm Bill, and he knows it. As a 'NewType' Virus System, it's really good at fighting Cyborgs and other BioSuit enemies. It's even better at attacking human foes and generally mortal enemies. It is NOT very good against purely mechanical and robotic foes, but it is still more useful than fighting without it. Also, being a 'NewType' system, it activates much more easily than an OldType system. However, this means Bill is subject to getting tired way before his opponent might be. The virus has a side benefit besides greater combat ability; When it's finished, Bill heals at an even more accelerated rate than normal. However, this only happens when the virus deactivates, and THAT only happens if he wins or is rendered unconscious... or dead. Of course, he can't very well heal if he's dead, now can he? Bill occasionally suffers from SRS, or 'Selective Regeneration Syndrome'. Non-fatal injuries sometimes refuse to heal on him when reverting from virus mode. It is a defect localized to the Type 11.




Bill was originally created in 1994 as a replacement for the then unusable Type 5 and 6 BioSuits. He became rivals with Glitch and following a battle with him used his DS^2 and destroyed himself in 2003. He was rebuilt and reactivated as the Type 11 in 2005. Following Glitch's destruction in 2006, Bill returned to his work at in the Underground. Convinced of his loyalty, he was placed in command of a legion of troops which he led into a variety of victories. Following the complete takeover of the planet, and the Alpha and OmegaType's subsequent disappearance, Bill was promoted to Second-in-Command of the World Order's military forces. Working closely with Lucretia, the Commander-in-Chief, he formed a relationship with her and the two have been an item since the early 20s. One of the masterminds behind the tournament, Bill was one of the first to sign up, eager to spill blood once again with his own hands and to prove that he is still one of the worlds most powerful beings.

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