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Myrddin v2

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Character Data

Name: Myrddin Tasker

Alias: Myrddin

Age: Unknown, looks like 30.

Sex: Male

Race: Wizard

Occupation: Magic beta-tester.

From: England

Affiliation: Working for fate (the abstract idea, not an organization)




Physical Stats

Height: 5"7'

Weight: 146 lbs.

Hair: Brown, short and combed to the left.

Eyes: Teal

Appearance: He's the clich� of the 19th Century upper-class British man. He doesn't look like a snob or very strong, but it's all in favor of how he seems to be someone that can be trusted.

Clothing: Black formal top hat, dark blue trench coat, black stylish pants with small white vertical lines, brown checkered vest, white shirt, black leather shoes and a walking stick with a crystal ball handle.


Other Info

Personality: Myrddin is a very intelligent man but his years working on abstract magic and dying a few times made him loose a bit if his mind. Generous and playful, he likes to approach people seeking companionship even if they don't want to. His small insanity primarily touch his logic because he can imagine things in a multi planar dimensional view, giving more solutions than normal logic. Example: One plus one can equals two as well as a gazebo. Sometimes, he only hears part of a sentence and fills the gap with his own imagination making him respond in a strange manner.

Favorite Song: The one that goes like "Nah Nah Nah Nah nananananaaa Bom Bom Pof Bom Bom EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE, to the power of TEN!!" (From a shool play of Macbeth at the author's high school, really)

Favorite Color(s): 270-360 nm or 970-890 THz (out of human visible color spectrum)


Teleport. Can travel anywhere in a constant amount of time (lets say 10 seconds), but magic usage is proportional to the distance. Sometime he's floating instead of walking.

Dying. Out of battle as usual no matter what I wrote above.



Character Abilities

Weapon Preference: Magic

Handed: Left

Skills: Magic

Armament: Magic

Protection: Magic

Style: His goal in the tournament is to test all of his magic in live combat, so he tries to have a theme magic as attack and defence for each battle like fire, ice, particle magic, enchantments, curses, summons, etc, but he only want to use one style at a time even if he thinks he's in trouble. In other words, he's just there to have fun and to test the limits of magic (See examples in the next reply). Also, he doesn't want to use any super mega powerful ultimate magic, so no "fake destroying the world" RPG clich� or DBZ stupidity. He does have a lot of training at casting spells, but since most of them aren't supposed to be put to their limit they might backfire.

For movement in combat, he likes to float around a few inches above the ground and land when he stops (like Magus in Chrono Trigger). This also include a better freedom in his jumps too.


Note #1: if after a while you really run out of ideas for his magic themes you can take an already used one.


Note #2: Make it obvious in your post about what style he is using. Making the earth shake isn't enough. Just a simple "he's throwing a fire ball" is enough to guess what you want. You don't have to write more but if it's complex please explain more.




Like in any science fiction story or role playing game; causing mayhem, chaos and post-apocalyptic kind of world followed by a totalitarian "world order" will piss off some omniscient being and it will try to bring back some sort of balance. Before manipulating Fate to find a "the one", someone must test whatever powers the "the one" will have, thus the need for a magic beta-tester.


Myrddin's oldest memory was the cold chill of ice around his body and then a flash of light. He spent what seemed to be an eternity learning everything about the world and mastering every aspect of the essence of the world. Alone for all that time in the void between realities, the thought of insanity and corruption from all his power started to infect his mind but before that happened Fate awoken him from his slumber. At least if anything happens, they can change his access code to his gift of magic very fast.


From what was left of England's fields, he walked out of a cave in search for civilization and for a good way to test the limits of his potential. He found an article in a journal about the tournament, he then got a map of the world and 5 minutes later he was in NeoSeattle poking someone's head with his walking stick in the horizontal position saying in a British accent:


"Greeting good lad! Do you have the kindness to lead me toward the World Order's game festivities?"


... and he continued poking but now on the person's cybernetic eye implant because he has never seen one before.




(wouldn't you do that in the same situation?)

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