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Sword Bearer


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Character Data

Name: Max (no known last name.)

Alias: He has none.

Age: 19

Sex: Male

Race: Human

Occupation: Bounty Hunter

From: Lauchis, Colatol Galaxies.

Affiliation: None



Physical Stats

Height: 6'0"

Weight: 250

Hair: Black

Eyes: Gray

Appearance: He appears shorter than he actually is, because he is almost always slouching. When he walks, he sort of swoons, kinda making it look like he is drunk, although he doesn't drink, and it makes it so that he never walks in a straight line really. He isn't muscular looking, but his muscles are well toned. He always has a big grin on his face as though he sees something funny that other people can't. His face is really very ordinary, no scars, or anything else that will be memorable on other people. And he removes any that he may acquire as soon as possible. This is so that he can get away should the need arise, and blend into the crowd.

Clothing: He always wears a light green T-shirt tucked into a pair of Jeans, and a plain black belt. Even though he is rather plain looking, women are always attracted to him, although he is never promiscuous. When his armor is activated, it sort of 'unfolds' from a chest piece he wears under his shirt. It looks like several plates of differing length running around his body, completely covering it, including his head, and is silver in color.


Other Info

Personality: If you asked somebody what they thought of Max, after several hours of thinking, you might get an answer like this. He is one of the nicest people you could meet, always happy to buy another man a drink, even though he doesn't drink. This primarily is for information gathering. He has incredible powers of perception, and can discern a persons hopes and dreams, and plans, just after a little bit of talking. But once he activates his armor, he has an, almost, complete personality change. The odd way of walking disappears, and he becomes a 'death machine.' The only thing that really doesn't change, is his sense of humor. He is known, in his galaxy, to have the snappiest wit around.

Favorite Song: None.

Favorite Color(s): Green and Silver.

Miscellaneous: The only 'friend' he has right now is Sword Bearer (to be explained in his and SB's intro.) And that's all I can think of right now.


Character Abilities

Weapon Preference: His Shriek.

Handed: Ambidextrous.

Skills: Max has been trained primarily in the use of Weapons. He is an expert at using just about anything. Should he come across a weapon he does not know, he can figure it out in a matter of minutes. But he would prefer a few hours with it first, but doesn't really need it. He has a reasonably good knowledge of technology, giving him some skill as a hacker, and a bit a programming also. He also has a basic knowing of first aid, at least enough to make sure he doesn't bleed to death.

Armament: Of course his Shriek. A small round gold colored device shaped like a yo-yo, only bigger. Three blades pop out of a slit running around the middle edge of the Shriek, and can spin. This is his second Shriek, his first one was killed by this one. This was the first act of any kind of intelligence made by these devices, and ever since then, Max has been trying to control this one. It can either be held and used as a slashing weapon, or it can be thrown. When thrown, it will emit a high pitched shriek, hence the name Shriek, it will ark toward its target, and then return to Max. Note that since this Shriek is new, Max hasn't quite mastered it yet, and it may try to attack him at the same time. Should this happen, Max is also equipped with Force Gloves. These look like normal black gloves, worn under his armor. They emit an invisible field into the air that can be used to lift some objects. Anything from the size of a bolt, to and large barrel, can be lifted with these. As long as the field can wrap entirely around something, then the gloves can lift it, weight doesn't matter. As such, it really isn't much use lifting people, unless they are curled into a ball, and if they stand up, then they will be freed.

Protection: Grabeth Type 1 Armored Suit. This armor incases the entire body, 'unfolding' from a chest piece. The suit is designed to increase the wearers speed. To do this, it sacrifices the majority of its protection. The speed increase more than makes up for it, and if used correctly, can deflect projectiles. And just for any picky readers, the armor increases the wearers speed three fold.

Style: His fighting style is mainly derived from his weapons training. He would prefer to keep his distance, and use any long range weapons he might have on his person. But should the enemy get to close, he wont hesitate to smack him or her with the butt of a gun, or blade. And will only kill should it be necessary.



His biological parents were part of a group of people known as Survivalists, who are known for liking to blow things up. Basically. But his parents were killed by pirates in a raid. He was then raised by Bounty Hunters, who taught him how to fight and find jobs, until they were killed. He was then under the care of a Galactic Marshal. How he ended up in BOTP, he has no idea.

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