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Oh Heck

SimBen is a dork - See inside

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I have been forced into posting this. The opinions described in the title do not belong to Oh Heck, they belong to my little brother, who is obsessed with having no clean shirts to wear and saying "SimBen is a dork". He saw ISH's computer once when SimBen was in one of his chats with ISH's away massage (sorry for messing up the spelling, I did it because it seemed to click and my little brother is very annoyingly leaning on me), and has now forced me to post this by saying it too much. Now for talking fish.


On an unrelated topic entirely, I finally got the MDbMB thingy to work and I can log on now (meaning, of course, that it was working the entire time and I just didn't know it because ISH told me to wait for an email that never came)! Unfortunately, I'm backtrack by about 10 bazillion posts, and I really am not looking foreward to reading them all. By the way, unfamiliar with the customs thereabouts, is it proper for one to write an introductory post or anything, and, if so, what should one say, just "Heya, I'm me" or something on MDb topics, like "They need to make Metroid Legos." Of course, we all know that they do, but that's anothier topic entirely.


On an unrelated (somewhat) topic, they need to make Metroid Legos.


In other news, ISH, I was looking at some of your folder thingies that make the slashes in the web address and I saw "taotish" written up there. I was wondering how that was pronounced, "DaoDish," "DaoTish," or "TaoTish" because the person who wrote it was a "lazy bum" accented American. Just curious.


Seeing as I have nothing left that is either relevant or irrelevant to post, I think I'll shut up now and go to my corner, er something like that.

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Y'know, if you'd read the darn intro on The Adventures of The Insane Space Hunter, you'd find out why that subdirectory is named that. That, and the obvious acrostic reference... aw, read it. Just go.


On a related note, welcome to the MDb. Yay.


On another related note, yes, SimBen is a dork. :P And yeah, my little brother has been saying that.


On... related... er... have a nice day.

The Insane Space Hunter

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