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Vaughn Turai (Vejhan T'rai)

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Character Data

Name: Vejhan T'rai (vay-Hawn Te-lye)

Alias: Vaughn Turai (commonly used) / Heiphan (high-Fawn), roughly translates to "Lord of the Flames"

Age: 753, but is ageless. Perpetually 25 in appearance.

Sex: Male

Race: High Demon

Occupation: "Intermediary of the Two Realms"...basically his purpose is to keep the delicate balance between the Light and the Dark realms.

From: Galset

Affiliation: Technically in this incarnation, none. But known to have associated with other participants in alternate incarnations.

ISH-O-VISIONTM Color: FireBrick



Physical Stats

Height: 6'0"

Weight: 160lbs

Hair: White hair which is straight, soft textured, and mid-thigh length. Usually it obscures his left eye (for no reason other than personal preference).

Eyes: Everything about his eyes are red, even the white parts have a slight red hue. Pupils are slightly silted. They glow red slightly at all times, but can glow more intensely on reflex or at will.

Appearance: Vaughn has a very elegant, slender build but does have a well defined musculature. Light skinned, some lightly red hued areas over the eyes and on the lips (natural). His are along the lines of an elf's except not as long. His hands are slender with slightly long nails but can extend long, sharp claws if needed. He does have fangs, but not very large in size or noticeable. Able to manifest large demonic wings from his back (ignoring the presence of clothing), but there is no presence of them otherwise. He also wears 3 flat silver earrings clipped two along the top edge and one at the lobe on his left ear, they act as power limiters and keep his full power in check.

Clothing: Vaughn's garb varies from time to time. This time he wears a vest-like shirt with a high collar that has a white border around the perimeter, fastened by a belt below the chest and another around the waist. Simple black pants, kept from moving around too much by 2 belts around each thigh. Black boots with a slight heel and white sole. On his arms he wears 2 belts across both biceps, muslin wrappings from forearm to wrist and a belt on each wrist. Around his neck is another belt, all of which appear to be very tight and constricting but in fact are made from soft, stretchy materials. Around his waist he wears a long panel, also bordered in white, affixed with silver o-rings and black leather straps. He also wears 3 flat silver ear clips, two along the top edge and one at the lobe on his right ear, they act as power limiters and keep his full power in check.




Other Info

Personality: Vaughn is a very proud man and has a strong sense of right and wrong. He is soft spoken and but friendly, only smiling very lightly. He tends to be reserved, watchful of those around him, and never injects himself into a conversation. He tends to be very conscious of his appearance (habit, not pretentious), often adjusting his hair or straighten his outfit but he is not inhibited by modesty. He speaks his mind freely with no regard for anyone who happens to overhear. He has a dark sense of humor and can be playful at times. He carries himself with an air of sensual grace and superiority but maintains a sense of humility instead of arrogance, allowing himself to be approachable but still establishing his role. On the other hand he still is a being of darkness can be unbelievably cruel, merciless, much the opposite of his normal state which is usually brought on by extreme rage (reminiscent of The Hulk).


- Being ageless does not mean Vaughn is absolutely immortal. He can still die, just not from old age.

- He has a regenerative quality. He can be dismembered or receive severe wounds and as long as it's treated quickly it will heal as if nothing happened. Two exceptions are being beheaded or something that totally eradicates his heart.

- Because of physiology, he is prone to bleeding profusely or violently.

- He is not immune to disease or infection, but typically only the most severe cases affect him.

- He can change to an even more demonic appearance. The removal of his power limiters is usually enough to facilitate this and allows him to keep some control. If he does change as a result of a blind rage (the breaking of the power limiters), there is no trace of consciousness in his actions and he must be either knocked completely unconscious or somehow new limiters are applied. (He's working toward being able to consciously control his full power. Originally he started with 12 limiters, not all were ear clips.)

- Vaughn's native tongue is not English ("Basic"). For the most part he usually speaks in Basic, but if he's been talking in his language ("Selkiur") for a while he forgets to use Basic. (Note: Selkiur is an archaic language with very flowy words along the lines of Tolkien's Elvish dialects).

- He has a slight, flowy accent.

- In text, quotes ("") show when he's speaking basic, angles (<>) when speaking Selkiur (translated to Basic for the reader's sake).



Character Abilities

Weapon Preference: None or Swords

Handed: Right


- He is able summon flames, flame spirits, and flame fiends but usually sticks to simpler incantations until the need arises.

- He can use his spiritual power to augment his own healing ability or to accelerate healing in someone else.

- His hearing is very sensitive and can pick up very faint sounds (whispers, heartbeats, environmental disturbances, etc) from a moderate distance.

- He has a slight extra sensory perception, sensing the presence of other and at times their intent whether hidden or not.

- His sight has differing abilities ranging from being able to see great distances, see spiritual auras, see heat emanations, or see in the dark. Though this is the case, he is limited to only being able to use one at a time.

- He does have a heightened sense of smell, but he tries his best to subdue it as unpleasant odors tend to bother/discomfort him.

- Can fly for quite a while and can get quite high. At lower altitudes he can fly further than at high ones, conversely distance is sacrificed for height.

- Physically he is not extremely strong, but that is compensated with agility and tremendous speed.

- He also had the ability, though used infrequently, to make water luminescent and glow a dim blue. Really it's more handy for those with him who cannot see in the dark and when a flame is not an option (explosives, dampness, and the like).

Armament: Sometimes carries a Daito (blade > 24") or a Odachi (blade > 35") forged from an exotic metal that not only is stronger and sharper than steel, but also had psychoreactive properties. If he's not already carrying it, he can summon it. He will draw bar of flame from his finger tips and forms the sword when he grasps it. The length of the blade depends usually on his whim.

Protection: Natural regenerative ability, if you can consider that protection.

Style: Vaughn usually takes up a more defensive role, mostly out of fear of his darkest side overtaking him. Usually he will rely on his powers to end a fight quickly and with a few casualties as possible. If he is in a fight that lingers on he starts to become more feral, becoming increasingly sociopathic and violent, which is magnified if he was angry to begin with. He can fight weaponless and without using spiritual powers using his claws, but doing so also triggers the feral reaction.




In the past Vaughn was been all across the spectrum of character traits. At a young age was wild and rebellious personality. As a young man, the death of his parents made him ruthless, extremely violent, vengeful, and cynical. Becoming a high ranking member in the military, he was both revered and feared for brutalizing his enemies. When he went against the Dark Emperor of the time, he was imprisoned for sedition and remained there for 500 years even after the old corrupted emperor was executed. His continued imprisonment was due in part to a fear of his burgeoning powers, but more that he would catalyze the ultimate destruction of the ancient empire. It would be during this time he would experience hallucinations and visions of events and people he never knew, even being so real as to believe he had been actually there.


After more than 500 years he reemerged as a stranger in his own world with little coherence of his past. He would be joined off and on by various people whose presence began to reshape his very being as he traveled across the world. Most seemed to have knowledge he was destined for greater and important things. On one stop of his journey, he was badly wounded and found himself being in the care and in the arms of a girl named Ferolina. Finding himself falling in love with her and it was through her that he was able to see the man he truly was destined to be through the clouds of despair of his past.


As he progressed toward realizing his true nature, he would find himself time and time again thrown in to the the middle of the ever-raging battle between good and evil. He would also find that as he went, there would be those who would follow him to any ends to beat back the oncoming evil. He would also find himself still having the visions and hallucinations from the time of his imprisonment.

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