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Enter Delta

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"Mm... these are good," Delta said, lowering an empty glass as she handed more money to the bartender. "May I have another?"


"This would make your ninth one, miss," the man said, amused by his latest customer as he prepared another tequila. "I was afraid you were a minor at first, but you don't even look wasted. How are you holding up like that?"


"I'm afraid I don't understand," Delta curiously replied. She paused for a second. "I don't get out that much. Could you please explain it to me?"


Another customer was sitting just a stool over from Delta, hiccupping and sliding on over next to her. He gave a gritty smile, staring at her with his eyes out of sync.


"Hey, baby... what's your *hic* number?" Delta looked over at the man, mystified by another unfamiliar phrase. The drunk's glance had shifted downward. "Nice mel... *hic*... I mean... that's a nice watch ya got there..."


"Oh, I received it only recently," she looked down at her wrist at the watch the man pointed out. The timer was blank at the moment, the insignia of Apath labeled above and a small light tacked on below, currently off. It was a necessity for all those entering the tournament.


"Hand it over," the drunk said, now with his hand out.


"Sorry, sir, but I'm going to need this really soon."


"Eh..." the bit of friendliness the man showed now preceded to fade. He straightened up in his seat in a brief swagger. "You saying no to me, bitch?"


Delta frowned. "That's not a very nice thing to say..."


"Heh heh, I'll show you something nice," the drunk mumbled, taking hold of Delta's shoulders.


"Please let go of me," Delta continued to frown, trying to remove the leering person's hands.


"Come on, you, I don't want any trouble," the bartender stated clearly to the tipsy individual, ready to reach under the counter. "The local authorities here can be pretty harsh."


The man didn't hear a single word, still trying to force himself on Delta. The gynoid sighed and dropped her arms, her beret falling from her head as she rolled backwards out of her seat and onto the floor. With a kick the man was sent flying, his drunkenness evolving into unconsciousness as he crashed into a rack of wine bottles. Two others were now leaving their stools.


"Who the hell do you think you are?" the larger of the two snarled. "No one treats our mate that way and gets away with it!"


Delta raised her hands as to voice her disapproval of further violence, but this did nothing to stop the brute's charge. He roared, swinging his arms as he prepared to bowl over the girl that had just floored his friend. Giving a grunt of frustration, Delta rolled smoothly around the man as he attempted to flatten her, readying her dagger and cutting a line down the middle of the man's back. Toppling forward, the large fighter tried to get up as a numbing sensation started spreading out from his spine. A quick snap followed, Delta taking her hand away from her opponent's left shoulder as he groaned and passed out.


"I never wanted to fight," Delta said sadly, turning to the second person. Shaken, the last of the three backed away, but didn't dare move when Delta was right in front of him. She took him by his right hand. "No more fighting, ok?"


The last one nodded slowly, shaking less the longer Delta held onto him.


"Your friends should be taken home," Delta let go of the person's hand. "They need to rest."


With no further prompts, the last member of the bar-dwelling trio picked up his two sleeping friends with some difficulty and left the bar. Relieved, Delta ran her fingers through her hair, picking her beret up off the floor. She looked over at the barkeep, the man having frozen in position since the start of the scuffle.


"Oh, could you keep this a secret?" Delta whispered, leaning slightly over the counter. "Please?"


The bartender blushed, composing himself better and nodding.


"Sure thing, miss..."


"Thank you," Delta said with a smile, waving good-bye as she left the bar.




World Order HQ loomed in the distance, Delta staring up at it and then down at her watch.


The ceremonies will be starting soon... she thought. A lot of soldiers and warriors from across the world will be there. The Order might be biting off more than it can chew... I might be, too...


More thoughts ran through her as she looked back up at the capital of the world. For someone who disliked combat, it was strange of Delta to enter a tournament where battles would be unavoidable, but it was the only way to get close enough to the World Order... close enough to her final goal. She resumed walking, mixing in with the other combatants as they entered through the gates.

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