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Sword Bearer

The Wind that started an Avalanche.

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A slight breeze wound its way through the city of Neo Seattle, Caressing over people, bringing a sense of calm, and hope for the future. It passed in front of the World Order HQ, but only for a few did it bring the sense of calm and hope, the rest felt nothing but fear and disgust, and quickly tried to reassure themselves that they were the center of the universe, and nothing could change that. A group was gathered around a small gate, which was being used as an entrance to the announcement area.


"Looks pal," A small man said to another waiting in line, "If yous want in, you have to be part of this here tournament. Money aint gots nothing to do withs it."


The other man turned and walked off, only to be replaced by someone else who wanted in on whatever was going on, even though he had no idea what tournament was going on. A small group of people had gathered behind the small gate guard, and were all looking around, sizing up the competition. One of them felt a slight breeze and shivered, and quickly began to console himself. It was right then that just a little ways in front of him, he noticed a small blue ball hovering in the air about three and a half feet from the ground.


"What in the he-" He started, but was cut off as the ball suddenly grew, and grew, and grew until it was a head an shoulders taller than him, and touching the ground.


Anybody who happened to be in its way while it was growing was shoved aside. The ball flashed brightly, blindy anybody looking directly at it for a moment, and when there eyes cleared, the ball was gone, but two figures were standing in its place, back to back. One was wearing a simple green T-Shirt, tucked into a pair of blue jeans, with a black belt. The other wore only black and two large swords strapped to his back.


"What just happened," The one in a green shirt asked to nobody in particular.


"Well, I would say that we were just transported from wherever it was we were before, to wherever it is we are at present," the other said.


"Right, and that begs the question of who are you?" The first said turning around the face the person who had apparently been teleported with him. "I mean for a moment it felt like I was being pulled in several different direction, and Galaxies, all at once."


"Yeah me to," said the other. "But anyway, the names John, but my friends call me Sword Bearer."


"Mines Max," the first said, "and if I had any friends, they would call me Zip!"




"No, I'm kidding."


"Hey," yelled a voice behind them, "yous can be in here without a tournament watch!"


It was indeed the same small gate guard from before. And without another word, he proceeded to throw two watches at the newcomers and begin to walk away.


"Hey wait," Max called out to him, "I don't want to be in any tournament."


"Tough hankies for yous then," the Gate Guard said, "you behind the fence, yous are in the tournament."


"Oh joy," Max said glancing down at the watch in his hand.


Both of them looked at each other, and strapped the watches to there wrist. As the two connectors at the bottom of the watch connected, it let out a small beep, and a voice began to speak.


"Greetings, thank you for participating in the Apath Grand Tournament," said the voice. "To begin, please state you first and last name into the face of the watch."


The two warriors looked at each other, shrugged, and looked back down to the watches.


"John McNab, or Sword Bearer."




"Please state you last name."


"Don't have one,"


"Thank you for registering Mr. McNab."


"Thank you for registering Mr. Donthaveone."


With that the watches clicked off and went dark.


The two warriors were about to speak, when a young woman with green hair walked up to the podium, and began to explain what was going on.

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