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Who Wants to be a Superhero?

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As he fell to the ground gasping for air, Colin Clark realized that the night had started out ordinary for him. About 2 minutes ago, on his way home from work, Colin's suitcase flew open, contents scattering into the street. As he stepped back onto the curb, arms full of business receipts, he was met eye-to-eye with two intimidating law enforcement BioSuits. Unfortunately for Colin, the law enforcement BioSuits had received a pay cut today.



"Colin Clark." the first BioSuit sneered, noting Colin's name from his work ID. "You have broken the law."

"What? Have I? I... uh... What is it, exactly, that I, uhm... did?" Colin stammered.

"Jaywalking. You will now be punished. Severely" the second BioSuit answered, satisfying Colin's curiosity.

"Haha. Oh, good one, guys... That was a great jo- Oh God... no, please!" Colin pleaded. The BioSuits had each drawn a long rod, about the length of Colin's arm, the ends surging with electricity. Three seconds later, he was on the ground desperately wishing for some air. Five seconds after that, the two BioSuits were in the air, desperately wishing for some ground.

"You should be more careful, Mr. Clark. I hear jaywalking is a capital offence these days." said a deep, heroic voice. Lying on his side, two stories in the air, was a man Colin had only heard about through co-workers, lately. It was Kinesis, the pro-people, pro-Britain, and pro-freedom hero that Colin thought was dead ever since Apath took over.

"But I thought you were dead, ever since Apath took over!" Colin shouted.

"Ssh! These guys thought so, too!" Kinesis remarked, as he finished tying up the two BioSuit goons who had been harassing poor Colin Clark. "You have nothing to fear concerning these goons, not so long as I'm arou-." Suddenly, Kinesis vanished, the two BioSuits resumed duty, and Colin Clark had something to fear.

"What the?! Where in the... How did I?" Kinesis was struggling for words. One second ago, he was floating above the streets of London. Now, he was sitting alone in a steel room staring at a large video monitor.

"Perhaps asking whole questions would be more effective in getting whole answers..." A dark figure lit up the video screen, having been the apparent source of the voice.

"Where in the bloody Hell am I, who in the bloody Hell are you, and how in the bloody Hell did I get here?!" Kinesis spat back.

"You are in the capital of the New World Order. You are in NeoSeattle. I am Stephan Apex. You are here because the two rigged traps you so kindly captured teleported you here for me. You know, I hear assaulting an officer of the law is a capital offense these days." Stephan was pleased with himself. Trapped in the room below was the last active superhero on Earth. The most powerful psychic in the former United Kingdom. All his for the using. "Tomorrow, you will be competing in a tournament. In said tournament, you will be pitted against a number of other combatants. You may dispose of them through lethal on non-lethal means. Any killing, though, must only be of other combatants. Each of those combatants will be affixed with a tracking device, not unlike a digital watch."

"Look, the tournament sounds fun, and the digital watch thing is a pretty neat idea, but I'd rather just go home, please." Kinesis was not happy about some loony dictator kidnapping him into some bloodfest of a tournament.

"Your choice is to compete or to die, Garrett Young." Stephan Apex had even gone to the trouble of discovering the hero's true identity. This spread a wide, sinister grin across his face.

"I... How did you..." Kinesis was speechless.

"Oh, don't worry. Your secret is safe with me. In fact, by the end of this tournament, one of us shall die with it."

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