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Guide to become a gentleman

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Chapter 6: Helping people in need politely snd at the best of your competences whoever they are


"Hello young man. Do you know where I might find Gastler street?", asked an old lady with asian traits who has lost herself in the market district of NeoSeatle.


"...poodle and cement doesn't work or...", the young man mumbled before turning his attention to the elderly in need. "Ah, yes! It will be an honor to aid you. Please wait one minute so I can consult the finest map of this area." He then disappeared.



On the eve of the grand tournament in a bunker miles underground, the mistress of the mighty biosuits was giving new orders to her generals. She talked to them from across a large black square table in a barely lit room. She always keeps a spot of light on her and stayed far away from her subordinates because she likes giving them a sense that the only thing that matters is herself and what she has to say. Only one voice, only one idea.


"Tommorow, out little 'competition' will begin. It might make the population less restless as a result of it and give us an opportunity to become stronger but it will not come without a price. Our major infrastructures are at risk." She paused and glanced at the table to make a gigantic 3D map of NeoSeatle appear. "Some contestants might want to fight near our biggest nuclear plant...", she suggested while the map zoomed in on an isolated part of the desert to reveal it. "... or have a swim inside a water treatment plant", the map zoomed out and now in on a plant on the pacific coast. "it is even possible to have a terrorist group attack people and blame it on us. They could plant a bomb in the middle of a residential area like near Gastler street...", and the map zoomed in again on where she mentioned.


"Thank you!", a lone voice of a man came from exactly in front of Ambrosia but at the opposite end on the table.


Her reflexes as sharp as during the underground war, Ambrosia took her HD Plasma pistol and pointed it toward the intruder with a top hat faster then it took the other biosuits to reach their own weapon.


Later that day, still angry at what happened during her speech, she was somehow able to extract some of her memory images using an old machine left by her creators long ago. She only kept three pictures.


One of an englishman raising his hat and her gun pointing at his head.

One showing only the flash of her pistol.

One of the gun and a flaming bullet of molten metal heading straight toward empty space.


Her only consolation was the presence of a similar man in the database of the competition's participants.

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