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Rashiel D'rani

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Character Data

Name: Rashiel D'rani (Ra-sea-el de-Rah-nee)

Alias: Shiel

Age: 19 years

Sex: Female

Race: High Elf

Occupation: Tag-Along

From: Galset

Affiliation: Clan T'rai

ISH-O-VISIONTM Color: SeaGreen



Physical Stats

Height: 5'5"

Weight: 130lbs

Hair: Blonde

Eyes: Bright blue.

Appearance: Most often seen wearing a very short white top with gray trim, very short green mini-skirt and gold belt, green jacket with gold trimmed shoulder pads, green & gray thigh-high boots with gold trimmed knee guards and gold thigh belts, gray gloves.




Other Info

Personality: She tends to be on the hyperactive side. Always optimistic. Always friendly. Even when down she tends to still be comical about it, either trying to feign happiness or acting like a little kid. Conversely when it's time to be serious, she's deadly serious...even scary.




Character Abilities

Weapon Preference: Long sword

Handed: Left


- Is able to make use of her surroundings for offensive and defensive advantages.

- Has the ability to summon elemental spirits but mostly they are not for attacking.

- Has a slight clairvoyance sense. Though not able to predict the future or anything like that, she more is able to anticipate things in far advance.

Armament: Long sword, Bow w/full steel arrows, and a few daggers.

Protection: Shoulder & knee guards

Style: Basically identical to how an elf would fight.




Rashiel is the granddaughter of a friend of Vejhan's, Celina D'Rani. (Still coming up with backstory)

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