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Sword Bearer

Bar brawls, Brains fall, and flying magicians.

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Delta walked quickly away from the opening ceremonies. The emotions that had filled her when the two Bio Suits had taken the stage had almost caused her to do something rash. She had no delusions about what would happen when she managed to get closer to the two, longed for it actually. Once she was within maximum range of the two, her energy core would overload, and send an EMP out, frying any machine brain in its reach. She would have done it during the ceremonies, but a young woman running through the crowd toward the dais would have aroused to suspicion, and she never would have gotten close enough. She walked around the city for most of the time limit, and finally pulled into another one of those bar places to get something to drink. Although she still didn't understand exactly what had happened last time, she had still enjoyed it, and wanted more of the funny drinks with the little umbrellas on top. For some odd reason, the words Frou-frou drinks popped into her head every time she thought about them.


The inside of the bar was dark and damp, there was strange low toned music emanating from one of the corners of the room, and there were several large men inside. Some in groups of two or three, some sitting alone, one guy was even lounging around with his feet on the table, staring up at the ceiling. As Delta stepped in and walked to the bar ordering her drink, a loud air siren started to wail, the sound coming from the center of the city. She sat quietly, enjoying her drink, and trying to make sense of the feelings of those around her. She couldn't tell what was coming from whom, but the place seemed to become a little more agitated since she had entered it. More people came that went, and by the time she finished her drink, the place was crawling with people. She sensed motion behind her, and turned to see a man standing over her. He was rather tall, and had a leather jacket on, wide brimmed hat, blue jeans, and boots.


"Hello," Delta said, and then turned and ordered another drink.


"Wow," said the man, "that trick normally makes people uneasy, but you shrugged that off with ease."


Delta spun her chair around again now sipping on her new drink from a long straw.


"What trick would that be?" She asked around the straw.


The man laughed, and took the seat next to her.


"That would be me sneaking up behind you, and surprising you."


"That's a trick?" Delta asked, "it wasn't very surprising though. I don't think I would rely on it too much."


"It's a psychological thing," the man said. "It's supposed to startle a person, and get them to drop their guard."


Delta was getting a very odd feeling from this guy, and she really didn't like where this conversation was going. The emotions around the room had also begun to settle. If she were to put a name to what was in air, it would be readiness.


"What makes you think I am on guard?" She asked, and the man laughed again.


"Young lady," he said, "only those who are brave to the point of stupidity come in here not on guard. This bar is listed as a class E residence. Do you know what that means?"


Delta shook her head, setting her drink on the counter, and hopped up on top of her barstool, and began to spin around, giving the man as much attention as she could while spinning.


"It means that even the Apath soldiers don't come in here unless they have to."


"Really?" She said still spinning on the barstool. "You should try this, it's fun."


"That's an odd looking watch you have there miss," the man said.


Delta didn't stop spinning, "its for the tournament."


"So, your part of the tournament then?"




"That's to bad," the man said, and made a motion to the other men in the room.


Delta was still spinning, rather rapidly, on the barstool, and could see the bar, then the people behind her, then the bar again, people behind her now standing up, bar, lots of people with lots of guns. She still didn't stop spinning on the barstool.


"You want to know the best kind of surprise?" She asked the man.


"And what would that be?"


"The kind that sits right in front of you, and you don't see it until its too late."


With that, she reached out and grabbed him, pulling him off of his stool, and into the spinning one with her. Using the force of her spin, she threw him into part of the crowd behind her, knocking them all down. She then leapt up, and again, the force of her spin threw her into the other half of the crowd. They were all wearing contestant watches. She pulled her knife from its sheath, and began to cut as many of them as she could, making sure that she wouldn't kill any of them, but also making sure they weren't going to get back up either. By now the other half of the group had begun to get up, and were getting ready to open fire on her. She turned her back to them, and leapt up onto the corner of a round table next to her. The hopped slightly into the air, and she landed on her back under the falling table. She then flipped backwards, so that the soles of her feet caught the underside of the table, and kicked it at the group, who fell back under it. Before they could get up again, a small metallic ball landed next to them, a read light flashing on it. They all cringed, waiting for the explosion, but instead of finding themselves pierced by small bits of metal and fire, they were covered in green slime. The slime covered everything within a seven foot radius, and that included the entire gang. They struggled against the slime, but the more they fought, the harder it became to move. A second later, several beeps began to sound out, and all of their watches opened and fell off of their wrists, the word "Loser" blinking on face, and then they went blank.


Delta slowly stood up from behind the bar where she had jumped when she had thrown the slime grenade, and jumped out into the middle of the room. She surveyed her work, but found that one was missing. She turned, and found the man in the leather jacket was still standing, rather rigidly in fact. His back was to the wall, his arms at his sides, staring at her. Just a foot from where he stood was a door that led to the back room of the bar.


How did he get behind me? She wondered.


"See," she said, "wasn't that the best surprise?"


He didn't answer, didn't move even.


"Hello?" she said, and began to walk towards him, knife ready.


As she got closer, he gave a sudden jerk, and his eyes rolled back, and disappeared, literally. Delta jumped back, if she had been fully human, she probably would have fainted. She looked at the now eyeless skull, and then to the door to its left. She could see the edge of a scaled foot just inside the doorframe. It disappeared, and the guy with the leather jacket crumbled to the floor, the back of his skull was gone, and so was anything that had been inside it, and there was a small hole in the wall right where his head had been. Delta began to back away from the door, but then she heard something.


"Help me," yelled a voice. It was a child's voice, and it sounded a good distance

away. "Somebody help me please. It's got me."


Delta leapt through the door, knife at the ready. Past the door was a short hallway, at the end of which was a staircase leading down into darkness. She saw a scaly tail disappear down the stairs, and then heard the voice pleading again, coming from down the stairs. She started to get ready to move down the stairs, but stopped. It was faint, she had almost missed it, but there was an emotion in the air. She strained, trying to make it out. It was to faint, but she could tell that it was hungry. Whatever this thing was, it wanted her down the stairs.


"Help me!" yelled the childes voice, it was at the end of the staircase, "I don't want to die!"


Again, Delta was about to head down the stairs, when something dawned on her. She could only sense emotion from on person, or thing, not two. At this distance, she should be able to feel the child rather well. Terror fill her, and she quickly reached for the few frag grenades she had, and flung two of them down the stairs, and ran back out the way she had come, dropping the third by the door frame, collapsing it. She lay there staring at the door. She heard something heavy breathing, and it slowly walked towards the collapsed door. She could see something that looked vaguely like a lizard. An eye appeared at the hole, and looked at her.


"Well well," said the child's voice, "aren't we clever. You figured out my little ruse, before I even had a chance to have some fun. I think that I have found my next playmate. What say you honey?"


With that, something began to hit the wall, and she heard it begin to splinter, but she couldn't pull herself away from that eye. Again, something hit the wall, followed by a crash that shook the entire building. The crash woke Delta from whatever it was she had been in, and she stood up, and started to run out. And found the source of the crash. A man was lying in the middle of the bar, dressed in a full suit, and top hat, and a cane with a crystal on the end of it. She saw all this, and ignored it helping the guy up.


"That didn't work out as well as I had thought it would," the man said. "Thank you for your assistance my dear, how might I-"


"Thank me later," she said, "we have to leave now."


The man was about to question this, but then there came another bang against the wall, and this time the creature's hand made it through, and began to pull away the wall.


"Normally introductions would be in order first," the man said, "but under the circumstances I think you are correct to wish to leave first."


Delta turned to lead him out of the bar, but he caught her arm and pulled her back.


"I've been wanting to try this spell for awhile," he said, and began to wave his cane.


Delta was about to object, but then, they were gone.

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