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Sword Bearer

Tornados and little Arizona.

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Well, I never though I would see the day, but about four tornados or so hit within a 60 mile diameter of my home, and for the last 24 hours has left me without power until now at this forsaken time of night. Hopefully I will be able to write something for BOTP come Monday when I am not at work all day. Sorry about the weather, as though its my fault :). And please God let the shingles I haphazardly (yes I know its spelled wrong, no I dont care) nailed to my roof today hold.



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We never get any of those big natural disasters over here in NJ. I think we might've had ONE tornado, like, decades ago, and there was this one earthquake once that was so subtle that it felt like a truck was just driving by (or so I heard, seeing as how I must've slept through it).


Anyways, it would probably be for the best if a strong earthquake didn't hit NJ. Something like that would knock us off the continent or something.


But yeah, that sounds interesting. Could you see the tornadoes, or were you advised to stay in?

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