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jerett the american

word phrase game

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Hey...let's play a little game. It's called word-phrase game. It's simple, all you gotta do is to quickly reply or quote one person's word or phrase. Your reply should be related or has any connection with it. Movie titles, names of people, places, etc. can be used. You can reply to as many person as you like.



me: dog


outerverse: killer


Ex. 2.

me: bees


outerverse's reply: honey



I'll start: cheese

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Hope that's an acceptable answer. Also, amd I supposed to say the next word that someone does the whole association thing with, or does that just fall to the next person to post? Usually me saying the next associatable word is how it goes... so I'll do that. :P


On a related note, anybody that has a signature should turn it off--just uncheck the box below the posting area and above the "Add Reply" button. Yeah, next to "Post Options." It makes message board games like these work a lot better.


Anyway, on with the game...



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So... what word to I do now? All you left me with was "can," which I suppose went with "exploding." Though it could've been with "cheese whiz," though it doesn't work as well.


Do I do another word for you to try to associate, then, and not associate one of my own? It would seem to make more sense if every post featured a word associated with the last word of the last post and a new word to associate with (save the first one, who obviously has nothing to associate, being that he started the whole thing). Like this:


Me: Abbott


Jerett: Costello... Ren


Me: Stimpy... Snowboarding


DamnGlitch: Accident... Anime


...and so on. Shall we continue like that?


Anyway, the word that you shall associate next is...




EDIT: Forgot to take my signature off. Oops.




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Hey. listin, we just did someting like this, like, 2 days ago. It might be better if we held off on this for the time being, alright?


But whatever :P Go on if you must ;)

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