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The Insane Space Hunter

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Character Data

Name: Mjolnir Mark IX Cyborg #10

Alias: The Insane Space Hunter, Insaney, there might've been an "Insano" at one point

Age: 42, due to time/space inversions and any adventures I might want to write about in the future (thus freeing me from having to fit into BOTP continuity or in between BOTPs or what-have-you). He looks about 20 regardless of actual age.

Sex: Male

Race: Human, Cyborg, or whatever he may be.

Occupation: Bounty Hunter and Cargo Jockey

From: Earth in both the future and the past, Mars might've been in there somewhere.

Affiliation: Whatever loose organization bounty hunters may have.

ISH-O-VISION Color: yellow (it used to be tomcat, but obviously, that doesn't show up very well on the new boards. ISH actually borrowed this voice from "Skins" Kelly, the doctor who fixed him in Chapter 5 of the Adventures of The Insane Space Hunter that I was writing (who installed in ISH a replicated copy of Kane's vocal coprocessor, which was capable of mimicking voices). Come to think of it, he borrowed it in the intro post I originally wrote for BOTP7... which I still have, come to think of it. RECYCLING AWAAAY!



Physical Stats

Height: 5'9"

Weight: about 400 kilograms (880 pounds)--while being reconstructed for the umpteenth time by "Skins" Kelly, the good doctor reinforced his already-durable skeleton and increased the density of his body to roughly four times that of an average person. This allowed Skins to increase the Hunter's physical strength and durability, and also helps to cushion him against the backblast of his pistol (see Armaments)

Hair: Brown, about a foot long long, usually in a ponytail.

Eyes: Blue eyes, but upon extremely close inspection, they have mechanical irises and variable lenses to enhance eyesight.

Appearance: No scars, medium build, about four times as heavy as a person his size would ordinarily be (but it doesn't show, due to a density difference)

Clothing: Hawaiian shirt and baggy jean shorts, regardless of weather. Possibly sandals. Possibly.

Alternate Clothing: In case it comes up, ISH has his old power armor like unto that of Samus Aran, though it's been through the blender a few times. And it's been sitting in a closet ever since his ship's computer went berserk in it. After it was defeated that time, he removed the download-linkup systems to prevent anything like that from happening and rebuilt it out of spare parts. So now, it's like Samus Aran's armor with about half its parts replaced with other various pieces of armor the Hunter might've had in his possession and some starship plating where he needed a bigger piece.



Other Info

Personality: Nice guy, pretty goofy, thinks of crazy plans. Knows all kinds of random information that probably serves no useful purpose. Occassionally says random things, but far less than he used to because his corrupted vocoder was replaced after he was 'killed' for about the sixth time. Still got that brain thing, though, so "cantankerous spam, ahoy!" might still be a valid greeting froom time to time.

Favorite Song: Jethro and Cletus' Interstellar Jug Band's Four Wheel Drive Don't Help None In Zero Gravity, from the album What If Us Hillbillies Done Joined That Thar Fight For Humanity's Survival.

Least Favorite Song: Franz Sherman's Concierto ala King in D Minor. Which, several years previous to the battle, was the biggest stellar classical hit, and the Hunter couldn't find anything else to listen to due to its sheer popularity.

Favorite Color(s): Yellow.

Miscellaneous: Favorite Food-Tacos. Family Members: Mjolnir Mark IX Cyborgs #1-9 (deceased), Mjolnir Mark IX Cyborg #11 (deceased, SimBen 1), Mjolnir Mark IX Cyborgs #12-14 (SimBen 2, Kane, Oh Heck), Samus Aran (adoptive older sister), Mr. Bojangles (adoptive father figure). Friends: Number 18 (formerly of the Semi-Secret Organization for Stealing Stuff (SSOSS), who is the morale officer and copilot of the Quest of Insanity (ISH's frieghter), basically any previous battle participant that survived (like Sword Bearer, Outerverse, DamnGlitch, etc.).



Character Abilities

Weapon Preference: Unarmed or Large-caliber pistols (energy, projectile, or otherwise).

Handed: Ambidextrous, and can use his feet with the same dexterity as Ed in Cowboy Bebop (typing, picking things up) but with superhuman cyborg strength (so he could hang from the ceiling by his toes, should that for some reason seem like a good idea to him)

Skills: He has a working knowledge of ship repair, vehicle operation, combat tactics, unarmed fighting styles, culinary arts, weapon manufacture, and is fluent in over six million forms of communication. The only problem is, he doesn't always have access to all of this information--his own fighting style is the only thing he can depend upon besides the language Blank-Stare-And-Hand-A-Fish-Ese (because it's integrated into his programming as a combat cyborg and thus comes to him instinctually). At random bouts, he can forget how to, say, speak English. But he might know Morse Code at the time. It's really hit-or-miss with his knowledge circuits. Thus, he could know about anything at about any time, but also could know nothing.

Armament: A duranium-plated head and a four-hundred-kilogram super-strong cyborg body can do amazing amounts of damage to stuff. So can any other body part, like a fist, but his head is his favorite weapon. He also employs the Mighty Stinger, a Noisy Cricket-sized pistol with the same sort of backblast but more destructive power. However, he has to reload it after every shot, and may or may not have remembered to bring spare ammo. Also, because of his increased density, he no longer is sent flying (though a wave of force still washes over him upon discharge, moving him back a good five feet along the ground).

Also, should he call from help from his ship, such as to get his battle armor, he's also got a large collection of weapons (like his old rocket launcher, for instance, as well as various energy blasters and probably some sort of bio-goop gun because those are apparently "cool" and "futuristic") that could be easily dropped or delivered somehow. Or even that bamboo rocket launcher from BOTP6...

Protection: If he wears his armor, it's highly protective as long as it has power in its structural integrity field (like Samus Aran's armor). He doesn't have any reserve tanks of energy, though.

Style: Insane Cyborg Wrestling. Planchas, piledrivers, suplexes, headbutts, clotheslines, flying dropkicks, you name it. Anything from powerbombs and chokeslams to the highest-flying death-defying pro wrestling moves in existence and some that aren't. He's also programmed in multiple thousands of different unarmed and armed fighting styles (most notably Jackie-Chan's-Anything-Not-Bolted-Down-Is-A-Weapon-Fu, Drunken Boxing, and Balls-Stomp-Fu), but once again, that part of his memory where that's all housed may or may not be operating within specified parameters.


Basically, any and all of his knowledge of half of anything (and half of his systems, like enhanced eyesight and hearing) have about a 75% chance of working at any given moment.




Somehow was involved in the Marathon incidents (and resulting war between several space-faring races) along with SimBen 1 and 2, went crazy, then blew up. His rampancy (computer craziness) was effectively cured because he had a human soul that allowed him to transcend mere data allocation (or something along those lines; that's what happens when I try to get transcendental) and he came back.

Participated in all of the BOTPs (or whatever the wars/battles/contests are called in- or out-of game), died every time or so, was eventually reconstructed by the chief medical officer of his greatest foe's ship and was restored to (mostly) working order based on his brother, Kane.

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