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I just cant stay in one place for to long! - Florida one mor

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Its that time again. Time to tell you all that I am going to be flying out with my mom to Florida to visit my Grandma. This wont happen until tomorrow, so it doesnt explain why I havent gotten on for awhile. Two reasons why I have not been on.


1: The site wouldnt open for some reason.

2: I just bought Metroid Fusion, and have been busy trying to get 100% So far my best percentage wise is 2:44 and 60%. My best time wise is. 2:07 and 51%. So I have a bit to find yet. I just cant find the entrances into the other areas, but I am hopefull this time around the game.


<s>So ISH, I have a funny feeling that we will be landing at Colorado for a stopover. So some time during the day. Turn to the airplanes taking off, and wave.</s>


Strike that. I just checked the flight stuff. We will be having a stopover at Atlanta. So just wave at the passing airplanes. :P LATER ALL!!



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