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what is up with this - why am i the only person ever on

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You want an excuse why we weren't online this weekend? Here's mine.


I went on a car trip, broke my arm in a car accident (stupid "friend"), chased by an angry dog by the road and the police (stupid "friend" again) and slept in an uncomfortable bed in a cheep hotel with a party next to my room. I'm not gonna tell you about the second day (starting at midnight and it's related to that party) since I'm very angry right now and I still don't know if your post was a complaint or curiosity. :po:


Normaly I would have been online during the weekend.


BTW: I lost my GBA and FinalFantasy Tactics Advance and my "friend" will buy my a GBA SP plus the game. I don't know why but I still want to kill him.


I remember. IT'S THE FR********ING PAIN IN MY ARM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :P


At least I was able to make my new avatar.




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