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Black-Blade has a shiny new IRC channel!

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For those of you with mIRC or any other IRC client, the channel is at:

irc.sorcery.net port 6667 #black-blade


For those of you without an IRC client, simply use:

this nifty Java IRC applet!


Feel free to pop in and say hello. I'll be in the room as much as possible, but I can't guarantee I'll be at the computer. I have some ominous future plans for the channel, but for now it serves as a place we can get together at once and discuss things like BOTP, games, animu or exotic fruit.


Here are some tips for those of you using the Java applet who are unfamilar with IRC:

  • Your "nick" is your name in the channel. Under "Type your Nick", type in the name you want to be known as in the channel. If you want to change it after connecting, there is a box in the lower right corner that will let you. Alternatively, you can type "/nick your_new_nick" in the message box to change your nick.
  • When you first load up the Java applet, a message will pop up asking you to trust a certificate. Click the checkbox labeled "always trust" so it never bothers you again. Don't worry, you won't get a virus.
  • If you want to register your nick, type "/nickserv register ****** none" in the message box, where "******" is a password of your choosing. After you leave the channel, you will need to type your password in the "Type your Password" box under the "Type your Nick" box on the page where you load the channel.
  • Upon entering the channel, you may get a private message from Changer asking you to register your character name. Changer is a bot designed to help run a D&D game, so ignore him for now. OV and I are playing with him and figuring out how he works. Like I said, I have some... plans.

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