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We (the magnanimous BOTP oligarchy) decided that we don't give a damn how few people are interested in BOTP anymore, we're going to plan the next one anyhow. We're going backwards, actually. BOTP8 will have more in common with BOTP1 than BOTP7, and will probably end up tasting somewhat like BOTP3, 4 and/or 5 combined in some manner. Here are some of the changes already set in stone:


  • Profiles will be FAR simpler, with less to fill out or elaborate on and a reinstatement of the "slotted" ability system.
  • The plot will be less pre-established and more "go-with-the-flow" like the older BOTPs, making it up as we go along.
  • I am personally requesting that all characters entered be NEW characters. Try to either create a completely new one or one you've never entered before. As always, "guest" characters (such as characters from video games, anime or what have you) are allowed but make you look lazy. Which is fine, by the way.
  • The rules will be more established and less gray areas will exist in the guidelines.

We've been talking it over, and we figured out where things went south. BOTP used to be a game, and now it's more like a homework assignment. It's just too hard, especially since we're all involved with more important matters at this point in our lives. However, if we took BOTP back to being more of a game, it will be easier to participate. We might even draw in some new blood with this strategy instead of intimidating them. I think we're all in agreement that BOTP needs to be revitalized somehow, and going back in time just may be the ticket. :P:?


Keep checking back, I will be filling this thread with discussion and updates pertaining to BOTP8, The Next Big Little Thing.

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