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The Incredible 400th Post Post!

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That's right people, I, DamnGlitch, have posted 400 things. Infact, probably much more, if you count the ones lost in the move, but I ALREADY KNOW YOU DON'T YOU BLOOD THIRSTY SAVAGES!



Ahem, back to what I was saying, I've dedicated this post to a look back to the best (and worst) of DamnGlitch.



The first post I'll mention (out of the three I've choosen) comes from the somewhat new forum PRESS START, and is my response to Super Sephiroths post regarding Final Fantasy 8. I particularly like this one because I get to rub your nose in the fact that all of you are wrong, and it is only I who can be right.


FF8 Response



My second favorite post Is the Adult swim praise post. I'm always on a never ending rant about censorship, and Adult Swim looks better as each day goes past. Mind you this post took place before FLCL aired, so I was prophisising or some shit.


"Adult swim is the best thing to happen to televised Anime ever"



My third favorite post of mind insn't a single post, but rather my participation in the post off. That was sooo cool, 3 guys posting 90 things in about 6 hours. The post off will return as soon as ISH does, if he does.


Post off for all... muahahaha!



On the opposite side of the descusion is my least favorite post. fter all this time I'm still vastly disappointed in my attempt to rant about Amanda Winn Lee. It was unorganized, unresearched and pretty much unreadible. I was trying to vent my growing displeasure with the Eng dub of EoE and the shitty quality of the disc, and I ended up just shitting all over myself. And the title sucks, it would be better even if I just reworded it.


"Amanda Winn Lee is a baby stabber"


And that ends this, my 400th post. I'm stuck around and listened to me talk ABOUT MYSELF for the last hour it took to write this. Okay, 30 minutes. Whatever.

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