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Big Pinky and DA KILL ARM

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Personal Information

Name: Big Pinky (or just Pinky for short)

Age: Unknown (believed to be in his 30's)

Sex: Male. Definitely Male.

Race: Unknown (of alien origin)

Occupation: Bouncer, and a damn good one at that.

Dialogue: [bgcolor=PINK]||||||||[/bgcolor] PINK


Character Bio

When Pinky talks, you can hear the gravel churning around his gullet. It's as though a diesel engine has been given sentience and taught to speak rudimentary english. That said, he's a fairly happy camper. Even when he's raging mad he enjoys himself and has a good time, guffawing heartily as he wrecks shit all over the place. He works as a bouncer at The Drowning Man, the most popular bar in Epsilon City, but takes jobs on the side for a little extra spending cash. The rumors of a treasure somewhere on Planet X interested him right off the bat. Allegedly, his sources have told him that the treasure, a wealth in lost pirate booty, is on a remote island in the southern seas. He figures he could use the money to start his own underground fighting tournament, a dream of his ever since he watched the movie Bloodsport.


Physical Appearance




Pinky is about eight feet tall and four feet wide (almost six feet if you count da arm). He's built like a pick-up truck with a sharp orange goatee under his maniacal grin full of shark's teeth (that always has a lit cigar sticking out of it), little pointed elf ears, no nose at all and sunken eyes that look like only eye sockets. His skin's bright pink and rough like sandpaper, and his hair is a grubby orange mullet dripping out of the blue trucker cap on top of his huge head. Other than the hat, he wears nothing but a pair of 6XL denim overalls tucked into black combat boots and the tattoos all over his back, shoulders and one arm. His other arm is a massive mess of army green robotic parts, with exhaust pipes sticking out of the top, a spiked plate on the forearm and a huge metallic fanged skull with red glowing eyes on the shoulder. He ripped the skull off the front of a semi that belonged to some poor drunk (dead) trucker that decided he didn't like how pink Pinky was.


Notable Skills

Pinky has amazing strength and can withstand amazing amounts of bodily harm with a big grin on his face. He also heals rapidly, being an alien and all. He's not the sharpest knife in the drawer, but he's good at fixing up da arm if anything happens to go wrong with it. He's apparently immune to toxins that would incapacitate or kill a normal human. He's been known to drink lighter fluid instead of whiskey and eat rat poison right out of the bag like Cheetos (which may have given him his characteristic pink skin tone, nobody's really sure). He's not much of a swimmer but he can if he needs to, as da arm is waterproof. Speaking of da arm, it's full of nifty non-lethal gadgets, including an assortment of tools in the bicep, a swiss army knife on the pinky and a lighter in the thumb he uses to light his cigars and burn things with.


Basic Battle Assessment

Weapon o' Choice - DA KILL ARM: This is Pinky's pet name for his cybernetic right arm. It's fucking huge. I cannot stress this enough.

Defensive Measures: - DA KILL ARM: Being made of a strong unknown military alloy, da arm is more than capable of being used to protect against pretty much anything. Other than that, he's as hard to drop as a rhinoceros. If you actually manage to knock Pinky out cold, you don't wanna be around when he wakes up.

Miscellaneous Gear - DA KILL ARM: Yes, it's da arm again. It has a built-in PDA in the wrist, which he can use to navigate his way around. The thing also has Tetris.

Fighting Style - DA KILL ARM: It's no fashion accessory, that's for sure. Combining Pinky's brute strength with the massive concussive force of what is essentially a Buick implanted on his shoulder, he can cause some serious damage. He's about as agile and graceful as a Buick, too. No subtlety whatsoever.


Signature Techniques

Normal Attack - DA FIST: It's not very fun to get socked in the gut with an oversized water heater. Just knockin' a fool in the head with da arm can turn out their lights. It's hard to swing around at full force, however, so Pinky prefers to pull his punches most of the time. Even a love tap can come across like a right hook from Mike Tyson.

Normal Defense - DA FOREARM: The spiked protrusion on da forearm isn't just dangerous-looking, it can also be used as a shield. When Pinky brings his arm up to guard his meal ticket, the rose bush back there is made of especially dense metal that is next to impossible to damage. This is his only means of defense and it's pretty easy to get around, even on accident.

Normal Attack - DA SKULL: Let's face it, Pinky looks like a dumpster full of cotton candy crossed with a Pittsburgh Steelers defensive lineman. Not that he needs any extra padding, but he uses da skull on da shoulder to smash through anything in his way, such as a brick wall or a small car. If you get checked with this thing, you'll be on your back faster than you can say "hike!"

Special Attack - DA CHOPPER: Have you ever had half a ton of metal flying towards your neck? Bracing da arm with his other arm, he twirls around like a demented helicopter using the centrifugal force to maintain spin. The spikes on da forearm are useful for violently dispersing a crowd, and the centrifugal force allows Pinky to throw someone as far as he possibly can. This also makes him dizzy if he does it too long, which he enjoys doing from time to time just for kicks.

Special Attack - DA WIDOWMAKER: Inside da arm is an air compressor that can release its entire tank in one powerful concussive blast from da wrist. Combine this with a solid punch and you'll be asking for the license plate number of whatever the hell hit you, if and when you wake up that is. After each use, the tank has to refill, which takes a few minutes and makes a loud grinding noise in the mean time.

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