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The Bringer of Demons

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Personal Information

Name: Ryoko Hakubi "The Bringer of Demons"

Age: 5000, appearing 19

Sex: Female

Race: Synthetic composite being

Occupation: Space Pirate

Dialogue: [bgcolor=SKYBLUE]||||||||[/bgcolor] SKYBLUE


Character Bio

The short version: Ryoko was created by the super genius Washu, enslaved by the heinous Kagato, defeated and imprisoned by Yosho, freed 700 years later by Yosho's descendant Tenchi whom she is madly in love with. But that's all stuff to be explored by watching the anime. But we need to know is how she's related to BOTP8, so let's get that started shall we? Ryoko is a space pirate by trade, not as much in it for the loot as she is for the fun. She's impulsive, hedonistic (with a penchant for sake), poor-mannered, often immodest, recklessly violent, and hot-tempered although she sometimes reveals her more emotional and vulnerable side. Basically a tomboyish troublemaker. How she ended up involved with this mess... well the treasure damnit! So, off she blasts to Planet X in search of some fun, some cash, and a lot of good booze.


Physical Appearance

She has dozens of different outfits, but for simplicity's sake we'll keep things down to 2... her usual outfit and her battle outfit. She can fight in both, but only uses the black and red battle outfit when really serious.

ryoko_normal_tn.jpg ryoko_battle-suit_tn.jpg


Notable Skills

Ryoko's got mad skillz! Can she hack?... No. Can she cook?... No. Can she build things out of a ballpoint pen and some vinegar?... Well actually yes but not like MacGuyver would do it. Well, then what fucking skillz does she have then?! The best skills! Flying! Super strength! Teleportation! Materialization! Intangibility! Duplication (make copies of herself)! Seduction! Regeneration (lose a hand, she can just materialize it back)! Forming energy into swords, balls, and shields! Matter formation and manipulation (make or merge with stuff)! Telekinesis! Telepathy (with Ryo-Okhi and "mom")! Summoning demon spirits (the kanji for her name is "bringer of demons")! Molecular restructuring (like fixing a broken watch)! And lastly, the ability to keep her hair that damn spiky with NO use of hair product (does become more 'normal' when wet, though)! Oh and she doesn't need to eat or breathe and has the powers of a goddess... literally... but doesn't know how to use the power.


Basic Battle Assessment

Weapon o' Choice - Energy sword: She generates a bar of energy and use it as a sword, yay!

Defensive Measures - Regeneration: As said in the basic battle assessment, she can regenerate body parts or her entire body (from a mummified form).

Miscellaneous Gear - Ryo-Ohki!: She's not exactly gear, but this furry catty/rabbity, uh 'cabbitty' thing with a carrot fixation can transform into a space ship.

Fighting Style - Dirty: Anything to win.


Signature Techniques

Normal Attack - Energy blast: Know that energy sword she has? Yeah she can fire those like bullets and 'splo stuff up real good*. (*not to be used near leaky gas mains)

Normal Defense - Energy Shield: Block weaker attacks with ease*. (*weaker attacks do not include Juiran spirit fields or summoned demons)

Special Attack - Summon Demon: Summons a demonic entity with intangibility and energy attacks. (Kinda hard to control the bugger though.)

Super Attack - Golem: Okay, get this. So Ryoko can manipulate matter, right? So what if she took something like the ground or a wall, merged with it, and became a giant stone version of herself? That'd be rad.

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