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It's Warchord, huh?

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Personal Information
Name: Warchord
Age: Looks early 20s-ish
Sex: Female
Race: Robot
Occupation: Self-proclaimed ass kicker
Dialogue: [bgcolor=DARKVIOLET]||||||||[/bgcolor] DARKVIOLET

Character Bio
Once an unfinished robot, Warchord was picked up by a group of adventurers, finished, activated, and became a part of their team and quests. She is best described (by others) as being hotheaded, sarcastic, and quick to pick a fight, and while sassy she isn't totally disrespectful and won't usually get into fights with total strangers unless they're 'asking for it'. While she is slightly curious about Planet X's treasure, her real reason for seeking it out is to have an excuse for fighting other warriors. Intelligence she received prior to her arrival on the world indicates that the treasure may be located in the sky and is possibly something of great size.

Physical Appearance
[Armored] - and - [unarmored]
As her name would suggest, Warchord has a very 'flowery' motif about her, though, name aside, this is only really evident in her armor and vines, the former also obscuring her feminine shape.

Notable Skills
Warchord's very advanced, almost to the point of rivaling organic complexity and is capable of organic actions, like eating, only without the inconveniences... you know. She can carry a lot of extra things on her person, though where she carries these things is never explicitly revealed. Warchord also has a slow auto-repair function, and can boost repairs by channeling sunlight and eating.

Basic Battle Assessment
Weapon o' Choice - Rosevines: Four mechanical vines mounted on Warchord's upper back and essentially her greatest assets. While they are good for grabbing, slashing, jabbing, and so forth, they have a plethora of other uses from being extra appendages to even acting as a propeller for air and water travel. If she ain't the one making bad tentacle jokes, someone's in for a serious bruising.
Defensive Measures - Petal Armor: The majority of Warchord's body is protected by removable armor that does a decent job of lessening damage. It also protects against EMPs, though even without the armor she still has some built-in protection against stunning.
Miscellaneous Gear - Communicator: Warchord's line of communication to an unnamed helper; the device is located in her head and operated like a headset (with either of her hands beside her head), though there are no visible speakers or receivers of any kind.
Fighting Style - Just Fight, Damnit: Warchord doesn't follow any complex strategies or ploys: she just charges in and fights, attacking when attacking looks good, dodging when dodging looks good, and so on.

Signature Techniques
Normal Attack - Vine Barrage: While Warchord can use her vines to slash, she uses them here to REALLY slash, approximately 8 slashes per second, 2 slashes from each of her altering vines.
Normal Defense - Vine Block: Warchord can cross her vines in front of herself to block and deflect attacks. She can also use them to push herself away from attacks that are better dodged than blocked.
Special Attack - Coiffurive: If Warchord's vines aren't cutting it (literally or otherwise), she can take her ponytail off her head and turn it into a large, handheld buzz saw. Attacking with this is slower than using her vines, which must normally be kept at ease so as to not get tangled in the blades, but it is also capable of dealing much higher damage than the vines.
Super Attack - Armor Bomb: By compressing all her Petal Armor, Warchord can create a bomb capable of demolishing a tank, and I don't mean the inexpensive kind, either. While this affords her an incredibly powerful attack and increased agility, it also means a steep drop in defense, and Warchord is usually weakened by the time she pulls this out. Calling in replacement armor takes a while, too.

[bgcolor=teal]More animations to come, yo (maybe)[/bgcolor]

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