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Sword Bearer

Vasin... Go away.

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Personal Information

Name: Vasin Design

Age: 18

Sex: Male

Race: Human

Occupation: Bounty Hunter

Dialogue: [bgcolor=red]||||||||[/bgcolor] RED


Character Bio

Vasin was born as a "Sword Bearer." A title given to the guardians of another world. While the abilities, and number, of the Sword Bearer's has changed with each generation, the roll of the Sword Bearer has not. When Vasin turned thirteen, a massive amount of power awoke within him, destroying the entire town in which he lived, and also killed his parents, who were also Sword Bearers. After which, Vasin began to travel, and grudgingly learned how to use his powers to benefit himself. He has survived by doing any odd job that has come his way, hence the title bounty hunter. He was hired to try and find the treasure, payment being that the person who hired him will bring him home to Vasin's original reality should he find it.


Physical Appearance

Vasin is about 6 1/2 feet tall, 6'8 if you count his hair which is brown and sticks up in short well kept spikes that almost look like horns. He wears green pants and a black shirt with a leather sleeveless vest over it. His shoes aren't in the greatest of repair, but manage to keep his feet warm all the same due in main part to his innate abilities.


Notable Skills

Fighting. Vasin is a master fighter, whether he is fighting person or animal, he hardly ever loses, and should he decide the enemy to be a threat that might return, or harm innocence, he will kill his opponent without mercy. He has a brilliant tactical mind, and good persuasive technique, which usually involve give me what I want or I'll hurt you conversations. That's about the extent of his skills really...


Basic Battle Assessment

Weapon o' Choice - Five Fingered Mary: To quote Hellboy. Although that is a feeble name as he uses his head, feet, fists, elbows, knees, chest...shall I go on? He prefers to duke it out with his opponents hand to hand, but should he come across somebody who wishes to fight from a distance, Vasin has energy moves to rely on. These moves far outclass anything SB (John McNab from the previous BOTPs) managed to dish out. Vasin was born with this ability, and so he has an innate sense of how to use it.

Defensive Measures - Dodge/Energy Deflect: Vasin generally believes the best defense is simply to get out of the frigging way! But should an attack come that is unavoidable, Vasin can build up energy in his hands, or feet, or any other part of his body, and create a wall so to speak. For example, if he was being shot at, he would build up energy in his hands, swipe them across the bullet/lasers path, and either deflect it, or stop it entirely.

Miscellaneous Gear: No.

Fighting Style - Hit face...Repeat until victory: Very direct and to the point. Vasin wastes no movement in his fighting, and so as he moves, it looks more like he is floating from move to move. His attacks are powerful, and have a tendency to move NORMAL people through the air. He mainly likes to hit with his hands and feet, and has no qualms about using the terrain against an opponent. He doesn't like to use his energy capabilities because he doesn't like them, and feels that they were cruelly given to him without his consent costing him his family, friends, and entire town. But he will use it should the need arise, for instance against an opponent using long range weapons, or is just immensely powerful. Should the latter appear, he mixes in his energy capability with his punches and kicks.


Signature Techniques

Normal Attack - Flying Fist: Basically, Vasin likes to attack with his hands and feet. A favorite attack of his is to jump in the air, spin, and hit his opponent. The title is Flying Fist, although it could just as easily be Flying Foot, or Knee, or Elbow, you get the picture.

Normal Defense - Agility/Energy Wave: Dodging attacks, and using energy waves to deflect or stop attacks. Also being a bounty hunter, he knows how to take a hit, and roll with the punches.

Special Attack - Energy Blade: Vasin has more control over his energy manipulation than SB did, and so he can control its shape, size, and density very well. Unlike SB who pretty much just fired out large beams of barely controlled energy. So Vasin can make actual weapons from energy, this doesn't mean he knows how to use them. Mostly he likes to make throwing weapons, as those he can control where they go.

Super Attack - Maximum Energy: This is a final move, and Vasin won't use it unless he absolutely has to, or knows for an absolute fact that he is going to win. With this move he charges vast amounts of energy throughout his body, boosting his attack and defensive abilities to the max. He then rushes his opponent, punching and kicking from multiple directions at the same time. His speed is enough that it almost seems like he disappears. The downside is that if he misses, he wont get a second chance to perform the attack. And the energy drain from the move consumes almost all of his power, leaving him weak and just about ready to pass out.

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