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Totally *Not* The Insane Space Hunter.

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Personal Information

Name: Mjolnir Mark IX Cyborg #10/The Insane Space Hunter (Insaney)

Age: 42 or so; looks 20 or so.

Sex: Male

Race: Cyborg (Human)

Occupation: Bounty Hunter and Cargo Jockey

Dialogue: [bgcolor=yellow]||||||||[/bgcolor] YELLOW


Character Bio

A scatterbrained war machine originally hailing from some sort of futuristic Earth (or Mars, I'm still a little unclear) that he doesn't remember, he's been everything from professional wrestler to yellow ninja in his travels. He read once in a comic book that there was some "ultimate martial arts technique scroll" that nobody had ever found; one week later, he met a guy in a bar that said some forgotten ancient treasure was on Planet X. Putting two and two together, he paid his five-dollar bar tab and headed off to Planet X. Whether he's after the scroll, the treasure, both (are they the same thing?), or five more dollars for another Josta is anybody's guess.


Physical Appearance

DamnGlitch drew me a picture once; God only knows where I left it. A hawaiian shirt, some cutoff jean shorts, and a pair of sandals are what ensconce Insaney in high fashion. A dark brown ponytail adorns the top of his head. He stands approximately, say, EXACTLY 5'9.323" tall and weighs 400 kilograms (880 pounds or thereabouts).


Notable Skills

He's got pretty much any skill that anyone, anywhere, would ever need to use, especially while they're searching for the Ark of the Covenant or what-have-you. He can speak a dozen (million) languages, knows every local custom, has friends in every city from here to Cairo, blends in... disappears (Wait, that's [not] Marcus Brody, anyhoo), has hacking skills, repair skills, any martial art ever conceived, weapons use and manufacture, he's got it all... provided he can remember that he knows. He's also largely indestructible, having survived jumping out of a spaceship at 30,000 feet tied to a helium party balloon and most of his other adventures. He probably regenerates, too, though it's never come up before because generally, any time he's been noticeably hurt by an attack, it's simply killed him. He can also impersonate any voice, and is currently using the voice of one "Skins" Kelly, an Imperious Galaxial Order for Order and Chaos Medical Officer.


Basic Battle Assessment

Weapon o' Choice - His Head: Any kind of headbutt. For some unknown reason, he neglected to bring his pistol along while trying to find the Holy Grail or whatever he's after, so he's limited to just unarmed fighting (for now...?).

Defensive Measures - FUNK!: He can bounce, he can roll, he can spin like a wheel, he's got a rubber sole and his name is Cecile... no, that was a claymated sphere on Sesame Street, sorry. Though it still largely applies, except for the "rubber sole" part. As everybody knows, the Hunter's soul is comprised primarily of FUNK!...... er, that is, aside from being pretty nearly indestructible, he's dextrous as all get-out and has a knack for pulling off Matrix-style dodges without the necessity of conscious thought.

Miscellaneous Gear - One Fifteen-And-A-Quarter-Inch Piece Of Unbreakable Duranium Monofilament Wire: In his right hip pocket.

Fighting Style - Insane Cyborg Wrestling: Planchas, piledrivers, suplexes, headbutts, clotheslines, flying dropkicks, you name it. Anything from powerbombs and chokeslams to the highest-flying death-defying pro wrestling moves in existence and some that aren't. He's also programmed in multiple thousands of different unarmed and armed fighting styles (such as Jackie Chan's Anything-Within-Reach-Of-These-Wildly-Gyrating-Limbs-Is-A-Lethal-Weapon and Chilly Willy's Fish Slap Of Polar Justice).


Signature Techniques

Normal Attack - Insano Punch: The most electrifying standard attack in all of space cyborg wrestling, sure to make the crowd go wild. Of course, the 'punch' might also be a kick, or perhaps a falling elbow drop should the opponent be lying on the ground due to the sheer unbridled electrifying force of an earlier Insano 'Punch.' What I mean to say is that I'm leaving it slightly (emphasis on slightly) vague because the Hunter isn't really known to even stick with one martial arts style for longer than sixteen seconds in the first place, much less one declared type of strike. So any strike that he decides to make flashy (as professional wrestlers tend to do) would be the idea here. For the purposes of this attack, any kick would be just as powerful as any punch or elbow, but STYLISTICALLY speaking, he'd change it up randomly by striking with a different limb.

Normal Defense - War-Borg Indestructibility and Overbearing Dexteritude: He's one tough nut to crack. Actually, I don't think anybody's ever cracked him in the nuts before. He's probably got balls of steel, though. I mean, literally.

Special Attack - The High-Velocity Whimsically Ridiculous Unreliable Flying Headbutt Of Insanity That Ensures Victory: (HVWRUFHOITEV, or Huh-Vuh-Wer-Uh-Fhoi-Tev). A 400-kilo super-strong largely invincible battle borg who likes to hit things with his duranium-plated noggin can do a lot of damage to things by hitting them with his noggin, ESPECIALLY when he tries REALLY HARD to do a lot of damage to things by hitting them with his noggin. Comprendé?

Super Attack - Super Cyborg Tag-Team Partner!: Having left his extradimensional butter knife in his other... pants?... he can't slice open a hole in space-time to summon an alternate version of himself (which is an excellent attack, by the way). So, he does the next-best thing; he tags in an alternate version of himself for some dual-cyborg tag-team needlessly-hyphenated wrestling action! Of course, by "alternate version," I mean "perfect twin" and by "perfect twin" I mean Kane the Psychopathic Space Hunter. And by Kane the Psychopathic Space Hunter I mean a cyborg designed identically to Insaney (who Insaney calls "Psyche," incidentally), capable of every single thing that Insaney is capable of (except dressing like a beach bum--he's got rather the opposite personality) that actually *knows* what he's doing. And that would be kicking bubblegum and chewing a... wait... yeah, scratch that and reverse it. Thing is, they do it in *perfect tandem*. Pretty nifty stuff. His text color, should someone feel like writing him any lines, is Crimson, but he's just as likely to use yellow so as to add to the psychological impact of the attack, perhaps. Or anything else.

[hr /]

EDITOR'S NOTE: 'Insano Punch' is a placeholder move until ISH can get something to replace it. The original entry 'Unarmed Fighting' doesn't suit the purpose of being one's Normal Attack. Try to think of it along the lines of an energy-free move like Ryu's Hurricane Kick or Guile's flippy kick thingy, assuming those are energy free (I haven't played any Street Fighting games in a loooooong time).

INSANEY'S NOTE: 'Insano Punch' is now officially the name of the default attack, though it's pretty much any physical strike. I'm sorry if the finished product is a little wordy--I'm basically just trying to say that the 'Insano Punch' is not a punch, specifically or necessarily. And that it's flashy. And shoving all that into two sentences like I just did doesn't seem to explain it in quite the way I want it to be understood.

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