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Mad Mad Max

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Personal Information

Name: Mad, Mad Max, aka The Ultimate Mad Max Wannabe Beyond Thunderdome

Age: 27

Sex: Manguy

Race: Human

Occupation: Mad Max Impersonator and Full-Time Poser

Dialogue: [bgcolor=ROYALBLUE]||||||||[/bgcolor] ROYALBLUE


Character Bio

Mad Mad Max (real name not disclosed) is the ultimate Mad Max impersonator. We don't know where he came from or where he's going, he's just sort of there. Perhaps he was raised by wombats. Firmly believes the hidden treasure is the lost Mad Max 3 film (which supposedly is also connected to the fabled Escape from Earth film, the third film in the [thankfully unfinished] Escape from New York trilogy). Is on a quest to go to the Beyond the Beyond Thunderdome (no, that's not a misspelling), which he is convinced exists somewhere on Planet X and contains whatever the hell treasure they're after. Also wishes to prove that Mel Gibson is a badass and not some poser (he'll have a hard time there...). He hates Blaster Master with a passion because he got the name confused with Master Blaster. He's convinced we live in the post apocalypse and frequently makes references to that fact.


Physical Appearance

Tries to look like Mad Max from Beyond Thunderdome, his most favoritest movie ever (I'm not kidding - he really does have no imagination). Since you brought it up, he actually DOES have a scar shaped like Abraham Lincoln (which kind of makes it difficult to look like Mad Max, except that it's on his arm, which is usually hidden). He beat Mel Gibson at a Mel Gibson impersonation contest (WITHOUT the makeup!) Wears a desert coat and a hat, is kinda beardy because he doesn't shave much. Probably smells pretty bad, too. His most notable feature is that his hands are very well manicured.


Notable Skills

Claims he can juggle chain saws. While they're running. And boasts of that 'fact'. Also believes he can speak with wombats, but nobody has been able to prove or disprove that (he could just be delusional though as he firmly believes he can). Also has a tendency to quote from old action movies, regardless of whether or not they really starred Mel Gibson (and he's convinced they're all really Mel Gibson quotes, even when he's quoting Arnold or Clint Eastwood). He's spent a lot of time in the desert and near what he insists is nuclear radiation so his mind has been slightly addled. Drinks whiskey and likes to collect weapons and ammo and hide them on his person in such a manner that it's impossible to tell he's REALLY carrying THAT MUCH CRAP. Oh yeah, and the ability to walk normally while simultaneously carrying said crap.


Basic Battle Assessment

Weapon o' Choice - All: Yeah, he really does carry everything. About ten thousand different kinds of firearm, including sawed-off shotgun, smith&wesson, automatic pistol, bolt-action WW1 rifle, blunderbuss and musket, mini-crossbow, grenades, dynamite, machine pistol, rocket launcher, knives, pointed sticks, and yes, nail clippers (remember that he's well manicured). Basically refer to the Metal Slug 1 arcade flyer and you've got a pretty good idea of what all he carries (or just use your imagination). No laser guns though (or are there?). Chances are, if you name the weapon and it's some sort of projectile weapon, he's got it hidden somewhere. Don't ask me how he does it though, as you really can't tell he's carrying more than a few things. (and the ammo for it all, of course!) Unfortunately, he can't exactly remember where all this shit is kept on his person (or how to use it effectively), so he often ends up pulling out some weapon at random when he's not grabbing his sawed-off shotgun (his favorite), and sometimes it's really not that effective! Seriously, if he's grabbing for something, just pick something at random.

Defensive Measures - Hightailing It: I really don't think 'defense' is part of his vocabulary. He just runs away (or Spoony Bards) because he's a poser (though he prefers the phrase 'turn around and advance' or 'tactical flanking maneuver').

Miscellaneous Gear - Mostly Whiskey: Whiskey, welding torch, whiskey, Signed lithograph of Mel Gibson as Mad Max (with nasty comments from Mel on the back), more whiskey, old wrinkled piece of paper that could be a treasure map that was given to him by an old crazy hermit living in the desert who insisted it was a treasure map, but it's probably just an ad for Captain Crunch cereal, whiskey, a fake hotrod like the one from Outlander, and, of course, whiskey.

Fighting Style - Ching-Ching: He's a master of it. What is Ching-Ching, you ask? *pulls out the Colt .45* "CHING-CHING!" But remember that he's not a master marksman, but with a sawed-off shotgun, it doesn't matter.


Signature Techniques

Normal Attack - Random Draw: Pulls out weapon (sometimes random) and shoots it (sometimes it can actually hit something). Sawed-off shotgun is the most common draw as he actually has a halfway decent memory for where that is.

Normal Defense - Spoony Bard: Tries not to get shot or runs away.

Special Attack - Whiskey Breath: Drinks some whiskey and then exhales into someone's face. Usually does the trick. Unless the guy has got a gas mask on, which he tends to overlook. OR if he himself is wearing a gas mask while he does it, in which case you have a real problem.

Special Attack - Fake Hotrod: Drives the red hotrod from Outlander. Unfortunately, it's not the real deal, just a cheap Russian knockoff that he continually passes off as the real thing. Tends to break down a lot, which is why he carries a blowtorch as he's gotten pretty good at fixing it. The radio is kind of wonky and often only seems to pick up ethnic Swedish stations and pirated radio. Uses 8-track tapes (of which he's got a few [including all the Mad Max soundtracks] that he insists were all performed by Mel Gibson as Mad Max). This aside, it'll still hurt if you get run over by it.

[hr /]

EDITOR'S NOTE: There is absolutely no problem with just having two special attacks and not using all three of the optional slots, keyword being OPTIONAL. The rules state that three specials are permitted (read: allowed) not REQUIRED, and the sheet itself further supports this by designating the slots as extra slots (extra = beyond or more than what is usual, expected, or necessary; additional)

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