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Good day, from Aldrich Brinley...

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Personal Information

Name: Aldrich Brinley

Age: 32

Sex: Male

Race: Human

Occupation: "Chimney Sweep" Mass Murderer

Dialogue: [bgcolor=TOMATO]||||||||[/bgcolor] TOMATO


Character Bio

Aldrich Brinley, Mr. Brinley, is a very self centered man who cares about money and his wealth; that is why he is after the treasure of Planet X. He is an English man. He is mainly a blood lust, sex driven, temper filled, fucked up, asshole kinda guy. Brinley is a vagabond. He has a smoking addiction and likes whiskey to the ultimate extent. Not much of his history is known just that he was an orphan from the time he was born and it is said he was raised by a pack of rats and he learned his style of fighting through going to fight clubs and watching dance movies. The style is known as Capoeira. He is very corrupt and from time to time craves the love of a mother and/or father.


Physical Appearance

Aldrich Brinley wears an old faded black top hat with a polka dot cloth rapped around the hat. He has medium length dark hair and a long braided shaggy beard. He has a scar across his right eye from an old lady attacking him with a knife. He wears a dark tattered dress coat with a white biker shirt underneath. He wears a white tank top and a pentagram medallion. He wears a pair of messed up jeans and a pair of black steel toe boots.


Notable Skills

He fights with his iron chimney sweep and has a very break dance-like structure to his theme of fighting such as spinning on his head, hands and knees. He is very fast.


Basic Battle Assessment

Weapon o' Choice - The Dark Sunflower: (his sweeper)

Defensive Measures - Mary Popen's Umbrella: The Agony Aunt

Miscellaneous Gear - Chalk: A piece of chalk for writing out Alchemy and Necromancy symbols and formulas.

Fighting Style - 2 X the Pain Bitch: Aldrich fights with a break dance like structure with the spinning on hands and head. He is out there with his fighting style and he is very temperamental; a reckless fighter.


Signature Techniques

Normal Attack - Fire Ball: A regular fire ball shot from his palms, around the size of a bowling ball.

Normal Defense - Mary Popen's Guard: The Agony Aunt umbrella opens up

Normal Attack - Familar Spirit: Skull that follows Aldrich around and lit up in blue fire and is a stronger form of the Fire Ball move.

Special Attack - Summoning of Hades: Aldrich summons 3 to 5 demons that fight with claws and horns, breathing fire until they are destroyed.

Special Attack - Aeacus ab Abeo: A large wind picks the enemy up (Aldrich summons the wind through Alchemy) and throws them to the ground smashing them as Aldrich brings skeletons from hell to cover the victims limbs. Then Aldrich brutally begins to light the victim on fire and beat them. Best used on weakened opponents since it is possible to escape the attack at any time when caught in it.

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