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Pillsbury Doughboy

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Personal Information

Name: Poppin Fresh

Age: 43

Sex: Male

Race: Living Dough

Occupation: Pillsbury Mascot

Dialogue: [bgcolor=SIENNA]|||||||||[/bgcolor] SIENNA


Character Bio

Created by black magic infusing a pile of dough in the trash next to the main Pillsbury factory, the Pillsbury Doughboy, also known as Poppin Fresh, has come to Planet X to save the Pillsbury franchise. He is a very jolly "person" of sorts but will do anything to save his true home.


Physical Appearance

Poppin Fresh is a lump of moving white dough that wears a white ascot and a baker's hat.


Notable Skills

Over the years the Doughboy has found out that he has the ability to make people become chronically obese by force-feeding them with delicious pastries.


Basic Battle Assessment

Weapon o' Choice - Bakers Hat: enables him to pull yummy pastries out

Defensive Measures - Doughy Exterior: His body is able to take a lot of punishment by absorbing blows.

Miscellaneous Gear: None

Fighting Style - Force Feeding: he takes his yummy pastries and forces his enemies to eat them making them become bloated and slower.


Signature Techniques

Normal Attack - Pastry Pop: He pushes the bottom of his hat and shoots pastries at his enemy.

Normal Defense - Doughy Body: Allows him to absorb a percentage of the blows taken

Super Attack - The Pillsbury Breadbeast: a form taken only when caught on fire or heat is applied to his body. He is unaware of this transformation.

Special Attack - Flaming Pastries of Doom: this attack can only be use when he is the Breadbeast. The attack shoots flaming Toaster Strudels from his blazing arms.

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This character fucking rules. -Badger

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