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RB3 character information

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Characters and future characters from RB3


Name: Dave Toller




Eye Color:green

Hair Color:black

Birthplace:Madison, WI

Education:BA in journalism

Occupation:N/A / freelance writing

INFO:Dave Toller as we are introduced to him is a newly single, bitter man who has been exhiled from his own home and by the good graces of his younger brother is allowed a new place to stay. Dave is highly sarcastic and easy to anger, fighting bouts of depression as he seeks to understand his ex and why he's in the situation he is. In the mean time he is experiencing the life of a college kid as he stays with his brother.


Name: John Toller




Eye Color:blue

Hair Color:dirty blond

Birthplace:Madison, WI

Education:Working towards a degree in a computer engineering.

Occupation:Lab assistant / campus tech help desk

INFO: John is Dave's younger, more ambitious, less stressed brother. John is rarely bothered by anything and serves as a calm, collected and fun loving foil to Dave, who is often full of worry and angst. John spends much of his time drinking and socializing, and plans on starting his own engineering firm after his graduation. It is his house that serves as the primary setting for the comic, as his previous roommate left after paying his half of the rent for the semester, leaving an empty room prepaid and a place for Dave to stay.


Name: Frank "Tiny" Malloy




Eye Color:brown

Hair Color:brown

Birthplace:Suburbs of chicago

Education:Working towards a degree in bio engineering

Occupation: N/A

INFO: Tiny is one of jons friends from his freshman year and a beast of a man. He spends most of his days drinking and avoiding schoolwork, and socializing with other drinkers and schoolwork avoiders. His younger sister visits him frequently, enamoured as she is with college life.


Name: Ashley Malloy




Eye Color:brown

Hair Color:blond

Birthplace:Suburbs of chicago

Education:Junior in Highschool

Occupation: Burger King

INFO: Tiny's little sister and underage temptress, she ends up sleeping with Dave causing him to flip his fucking shit, even though she is completely unaffected by the encounter, besidse a crush on the hapless 23 year old. She plans to go to a college far far away once she does graduate, so she can drink and have her skirt chased in an exciting new place.


Name: Karen O'brien




Eye Color:blue

Hair Color:strawberry blond

Birthplace:Chicago, IL

Education:Working towards a degree in Psych / languages / comm (undecided)

Occupation: UWM phone-a-thon

INFO: Karen is Dave's ex, who dumped him because "she wanted to suck dick and smoke weed all day". While partially correct, Karen still loves Dave but doesn't want to be in a relationship with him. She retained the apartment Dave and her shared, and occasionally reveals information to Dave, with whom she is trying to maintain a friendship with, that he has absolutely no inclination to hear. She is rather ambivalent towards John, who despite his harmlessness finds horrible, and represents just one of many strange nitpicks she has with Dave and his life.

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