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Oh Heck

Where's the bleedin' BOTP thing happening?!?!? - ISH ya gimp

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I have lots of trouble going anywhere with the current problems with this computer and I absolutely CANNOT find any links to it on your site and you haven't told me where it is! How do you expect me to register when I can't get to it? Smeg!

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BBN. I told you a million times, ya gimp. "Go to BBN," I said. "Go to IFFWorld on BBN," I said. Not that you can actually follow simple instructions. :P


On a related note, I uploaded your "The Heck?" avvie--put the following URL into your avatar thing in your control panel:







Anyway, there IS a link to BBN on my site, though there's not a BOTP link. I should probably put one on, I suppose. ;) Whatever.


By the way, that whole "talk to me, I'm sitting right next to you" thing still applies, y'know.


Have a nice day!

The Insane Space Hunter

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