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I'm a-what now? :P

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Funny, I reload the board from earlier this afternoon, and everything shunts down a line. "That's weird," I say, "was something added?" Then I read from the top and there's a "Moderator Control Panel" link. So, I say "I'm a-what now?" and scroll down. And sure enough, there's my name as a moderator for a forum that wasn't previously here. :P


Well, I suppose thanks are indeed necessary to Outerverse, who has once again gifted me with my own little corner of his operation. Not sure how much I'll put it to use, as usual, but I'll certainly try not to waste the option of a free forum. ;) Maybe I can haul some of the other... er, SkullGuys?... onto the boards. Some of you may remember Oh Heck; he was supposedly in a BOTP or two. In some form. SpamOMan used to frequent some forums a lot; he might be up for dropping by. I'll certainly let 'em know.


Thanks, Outey!

The Insane Space Hunter

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