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Well, I posted this on Facebook just a little bit ago, and figured I would share it here also, seeing as how there are hardly any posts going on. GOTTA KEEP THE BOARDS ALIVE!!


The reason I have never written anything about Doom 3 before, is because I have never been able to play through the game without cheat codes. Our previous computer was slow enough that any battle of great importance, or even with several enemies on the screen, became so slow that it was literally impossible to beat without "God" mode. And so, with my new comp, and a sudden desire to somewhat relive my memories of the past of the old Doom and Doom 2 games, I grabbed my dad's Doom 3 disks...Diskes?? And fired it up to check it out.


I've had Doom3 loaded on my comp now for several months, but mainly used it to relieve some stress from work and life in general by playing through Nightmare with "God" mode on. But this time, I decided to risk life and limb of the "Doom Guy," and played through the game without cheats. And I have to say, boy am I glad I did.


Doom3 is really an awesome FPS. It takes all the stuff that made the first few games great, added some really good graphics (for when it came out,) and threw in a decent story. Or at least, decent in the way that most FPS games stories go. The game itself is dark, and quite spooky. The sounds of the Cherubs, these weird half fly half baby looking things, is anoyingly creepy and keeps you on your toes whenever you hear them. Not to mention the fact that they can leap incredible distances and travel in packs can make them rather dangerous. They like to group up on you and smack you over and over making it difficult to hit them. But I digress.


The voice acting in the game is rather good surprisingly. The only problem I had with the voice sounds and such is that multiple times I heard the same actor for a different character, and the fact that the games primary enemy, Betruger or something, had about three or so lines in the game that kept repeating about 60% of the time you heard him. Things like, "Making progress Marine? Your efforts are futile. You will die. And your soul will be mine!" This line gets old about the fourth time you hear it. Especially when you think, "wait a minute! I'm kicking his and his demons cans from here to hell and back, literally! And thats all he has to say?" Otherwise, I think the voice acting added a lot to the overall atmosphere of the game. There is one point fairly early in the game where you enter an office and find a woman slumped over a consol. As you enter, she spins around in her chair, whispers "help me," and then her head explodes as her skull bursts out and bursts into flames...And then starts trying to eat you...Pleasant I'm sure.


While the graphics are dated by several years, they still look quite good for their age. Boosting everything to the ultra high level makes for some pretty game play. Possibly akin to what Bioshock looks like for its time.


From a Christian stand point, the game lacks quite a bit thought...Have you noticed that I like the word quite? Anyway! As is standard for many games, or even movies and animes like this, there is no definate force for good. You are basically a lone Marine trying to survive the hordes of Hell reeking...Hell...On Mars. While it makes for a good storyline, I guess, I would like to see some heavenly warriors at least helping you out. Maybe explain why physical bullets can wound spiritual beings? There is no sign of angels, Christ/God, at all in the game, and so everything seems kinda one sided.


But anyway! Doom3 is a solid addition to the Doom linage. If you grew up on Doom, and enjoyed it. Then be sure to snatch up a copy of Doom3, it wont disappoint.



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