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Dissidia: Final Fantasy

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"The story follows the conflict between Chaos and Cosmos and their allies, drawn from the main series games of Final Fantasy. Chaos summons the villains of the games in order to take control over the crystals and, in response, Cosmos summons the heroes to return the balance of between discord and harmony."


Basically Super Smash Bros. for Final Fantasy, this game has recently gotten my full attention and caused me to request a PSP and the imported Japanese version as a birthday present. I will be playing the ever-fucking shit out of this game when I get it. You can level your characters (up to 100), equip them with accessories that boost stats, customize any character's arsenal of attacks and magic spells as you see fit, and



The game also boasts a robust story mode with over three hours of cut-scenes and dialog, with all the various characters interacting in ways only previously seen in badly-written fan-fiction.




Final Fantasy


* Warrior of Light: A warrior chosen by the Crystals who fights with magic and swordplay.

* Garland: A fallen knight bearing a two-handed greatsword that can transform into a variety of weapons.


Final Fantasy II


* Firion: A young man from Fynn , who joined the rebels of the Wild Rose to fight for freedom and justice.

* The Emperor: A man who wields terrible magic and manipulates powerful arcane forces to conquer the world.


Final Fantasy III


* Onion Knight: A young boy, chosen by the crystals, who possesses the title of Onion Knight.

* Cloud of Darkness: A being who exists to return all to nothing in order to reset the balance between light and dark.


Final Fantasy IV


* Cecil Harvey: Once the commander of the Red Wings, he decided to fight against his king and finally against his own brother.

* Golbez: A man clad in black armor, he is the new Captain of the Red Wings, Cecil's elder brother, and a master of dark magic.


Final Fantasy V


* Bartz Klauser: An orphan from Lix who, on his father's final wish, decided to wander across the world.

* Exdeath: An evil warlock born of a tree from the Great Forest of Moore, who wishes to absorb the world into the Void.


Final Fantasy VI


* Terra Branford: The child of an Esper and a human, Terra was instrumental in the Gestahlian Empire's development of Magitek.

* Kefka Palazzo: A failed Magitek experiment turned into the psychotic and sadistic Court Mage of the Gestahlian Empire, his sole aim is the destruction of everything.


Final Fantasy VII


* Cloud Strife: A young man with false memories and great strength, he wields the enormous Buster Sword and believes himself a former SOLDIER.

* Sephiroth: Once the strongest SOLDIER alive, he has now been driven mad by what he believes is his birthright to reign over humanity.


Final Fantasy VIII


* Squall Leonhart: A young SeeD mercenary armed with a specially designed Gunblade, he is a loner and is focused on protecting the Crystals.

* Ultimecia: A Sorceress said to have the power to manipulate time itself, she believes that Cosmos' act as a Goddess of Harmony is a farce.


Final Fantasy IX


* Zidane Tribal: A 16-year-old thief with a deep sense of justice and a weakness for girls, he is unaware of his title as a manufactured Angel of Death.

* Kuja: A manufacturer of destructive magical weapons with a preference for literature and poetry, he is Zidane's predecessor and the first Angel of Death.


Final Fantasy X


* Tidus: The ace player from the Blitzball team, the Zanarkand Abes, he traveled with the summoner Yuna to stop the monster Sin.

* Jecht: Tidus' father who served as the star player on Zanarkand's Blitzball team and sacrificed his life to appease Sin ten years prior.


Final Fantasy XI


* Shantotto: An outspoken Tarutaru professor of magic, and one of the heroes of the Great War.


Final Fantasy XII


* Gabranth: An Archadian Judge Magister born from the Republic of Landis, which was invaded by the Archadian Empire when he was young. He is the twin brother of Basch.



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Yeah, this is the kind of game that can boost the popularity of a console/handheld. I wouldn't be surprised if they increased the number of PSPs manufactured when it comes over here (since I'm thinking it's highly unlikely that it won't).


This, along with Phantasy Star Portable, will probably be the reasoning behind my own obtainment of a PSP.

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PSP + flat screen TV + component out cables = hey my Final Fantasy Smash Bros on the big screen.


I got the game, held onto it for like 2 years (like all of my psp games) and then game it a few shots. It's fun, looks great. I can't say I really know what I'm doing half of the time. A shame it's not on a console; would love to have side by side opponents. Maybe after 012 they'll push out one for PS3?

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