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Kill Bill volume 1 review - a Quinn Tarantino movie

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I will try to be spoiler free.


Remember thoses old western movies where the main character wants to get revenge for something?


Well, it's that but modern style and less guns since target #1 is in Japan and there is a lot of katana action. The story is good even if the "Chapters" are not in chronological order (it's a Quentin Tarantino movie, btw). It's the story of a girl who wants to avenge the "people" who tried to kill her and their boss Bill 4 years ago during her "wedding" while she was a couple of months away from giving birth to a baby. There is a lot of action scenes with a LOT of special effects, the music is good and I like double katana action (cooler than any double weapon in FinalFantasy).





Oh! I almost forgot. There are a lot of girls in this movie and it's really fun.


Why I think this should have been rated 18 and older in Canada (instead of 16 and +):


-Gore, vilence, blood, girl, decapitation, blood, having sex with a girl in a coma, blood, crazy school girl and blood. At least the most violent scene is in black and white.


Can't wait for volume 2.




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Gah, I thought Kill Bill was awesome. The anime sequence stuck in the middle was brilliantly animated, I loved all the detail.


And the fight scenes were just great.


Loved the ridiculous bleeding. And.. I dunno, Quentin Tarantino is just a great director. I liked it muchly. ^^


I heard it was supposed to be a homage to old kung fu movies..

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